October stuff

We had a really busy month in October. It seemed to go by so fast this year. Most of that was due to spending a week in Costa Rica, but that is a separate post. We did not get to the normal pumpkin patch this year, so we settled on one close to our house. We went the Sunday before Halloween and there were literally 4 pumpkins to pick from. We picked two and they worked just fine. We carved the pumpkins that night. That is always something the boys love doing. Mason does 80% of the work, but they don't care.

On Halloween day, we brought in a treat for the class. Publix helped us with these great cupcakes. He said the class loved them!

JL's costume this year was the scary thing from the movie Scream and Mac was a Cool Ghoul. That night we Trick or Treated out of the neighborhood for the first time and headed over to Walker and Henry's house. Walker and JL are friends with the same group of boys so JL's BFF was there too. They all had a great time! 






This Fall JL played lacrosse and had the same great coach as the Spring. We love Coach Todd! JL consistently scored a goal a game about half way through the season. It was fun watching JL play. We look forward to the Spring.




Mac played Lacrosse this Fall for the first time and he really liked it. He scored 5 goals and loved going to practices and games. Jan and Larry came to the last game of the season.

He was on a small team; therefore, learned to play all positions. He was on the same team as Henry. It was fun to see the Pangle's every Saturday this Fall. We have already signed up for the Spring season.



First Day of School ~ 1st grade and 4th grade

August 7th was the first day of school for JL(4th grade) and Mac (1st grade). The boys were excited and ready by the last week of summer to return to school. Times flies~ as I post this we are almost half way through the school year!


This summer we went camping with Mason's whole family. The boys had a great time with their cousins! They rode bikes, fished, swam and played all day. Jan and Larry brought their camper so of course the boys were camping in comfort. I somehow forgot to bring out my camera until the last 30 minutes of the trip. The boys met a boy that became a friend and was camping with his family 2 spots down.


Atlanta Zoo

This summer the same week we took the boys to the water park we took them to the zoo. We love the zoo and always have fun spending the day with our cousins. The bird area is really becoming our favorite part of the zoo. So fun!

Lake Lanier Waterpark

This summer Ellen and took the boys to Lake Lanier Waterpark. It was a free admission day, so you can imagine how crowded it was.  It was fun, but definitely crowded. We got there when they opened and stayed till about 6pm. The boys could have stayed another hour or so but Ellen and I were beat. Little Foster hung with the big boys the whole day. Amazing!


Woodlands camp part 2

A woman from Ellen's church was a chaperon and went to Woodlands Camp with the kids. Throughout the week she would take pictures of the kids and send a slide show of what they were up to. We looked forward to getting this pictures daily. These are not the clearest pictures, but they are priceless.