July is half way over and man has it been busy!

It started with a bang! Larry turned 6o years old on July 5th. We had a surprise party for him in Spartanburg. It was great party and he was very surprised. Jan out did herself with this party!

Mac got his first tooth in on July 12 and another today (16th). He is following in John Lawrence's footsteps with his teeth. They wait until 7 1/2 months then they all come in at the same time! Ouch!!!!

This past weekend The Duplers came for a visit. We went to the pool the first night and ate dinner there. The next day was more playing in the morning and then off to Henry's 1st birthday party! It was a fun party and he put on a show for us. He loved his birthday cake!!!! The boys all played great together and had a ball. We will see them again in about a week!

I am planning on keeping up with my posts due to the fact that I take more pictures of events if I know that I blogging. I looked back on my camera and I do not have even half as many pictures I should have at this time. That makes me mad and sad!! I have to do better!!! More later.

Summer is flying by...

Well, Summer is here and seems like it is almost over. I have not blogged in forever, sorry about that. Lets see where I left off....

We went to Kentucky around the middle of June (14th). We had a wonderful visit. The boys were great, weather was perfect and Diane always cooks great meals for us. Bob and Carol came over for dinner and it is always so great to see them. We don't see them enough!

On June 20, my Aunt Sandra (on dad's side) came for a visit with Uncle Ronald and my cousin Shelly. It was their first visit to my house. Shelly is in Med school and she came to take a test here and to go look for a wedding dress. I went with her to look for dresses and she found the perfect dress at the first store and it was the 3rd dress she tried on!!! We had a great visit and I was so glad they came and included my family in their trip to Atlanta.

On June 22nd, my girlfriends and I got together for a weekend at the lake (thanks to Hillary's parents). It was a childless trip and it was much needed by all. We had a great time and stayed up way too late on both nights.

June 26th, Mason and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary over a nice quiet meal at a restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. I decided to plan the night. I arranged the babysitter (thanks Martha Jane), picked the restaurant and picked out a joint gift. Mason was wonderfully surprised and got to sit back and enjoy it. Now I see what guys actually have to go through!

The following day which was actually our true anniversary, I was off again with the boys to Chapin, SC. One of my best friends (Ashley) parents lives there and we always spend July 4th with The Smith's. It was a fun week. We took the older boys to swimming lessons and John Lawrence did an awesome job. He truly knows what is needed of him to swim now (kick and dig). Mason met us there on Friday and we stayed until Sunday afternoon. We relaxed, swam, and played outdoors. John Lawrence loves going to Chapin!!!

Pulling Pork for the BBQ

That pretty much took care of the rest our June. Now off to July.

Mac's 6th Month Doctor Appt

Here are the stats. Sorry they are over a month late.

Mac went in for his 6th Month doctor appointment on June 14th . He actually turned 6 months on the 29th of May, but that was the earliest appt that they had.

Weight 22lbs 4 ozs 96%
Height 29 1/2 inches 99%
Head 18 1/4 inches 96%

He is our big boy!!! He sat up unassisted on June 16th.