Mac's 3rd Birthday Party

Mac's birthday party was this past Saturday. It was Mickey Mouse themed; which he loved. I made a lot of the decorations and it turned out great! He loved the bounce house and his plates and napkins. Mac opened Aunt Martha Jan's present first, which was a batman truck and he could not open another present after such a great first gift. Mac actually allowed the other kids to open the rest of his presents. We had a great day and I truly think Mac enjoyed his party! His actually birthday is on Sunday, the 29th. We will have cake and open presents from us.

Pow Wow

John Lawrence's class has been studying Pilgrims and Indians this week in honor of Thanksgiving. Today was the big Pow Wow Day~ there was a teepee set up and the kids got to go and look inside of it. It was really cool! They also had many activities all related Indians. John Lawrence brought in pictures of our family that related to Indians. He was really proud to let everyone know that he was a real indian! Tomorrow is JL's Thanksgiving Feast at school. Ellen is going to watch Mac, so Mason and I can go and enjoy JL without having to focus on the little one. He is sweet, but pretty crazy at big school. We had to leave early today because Mac wanted to hug JL the WHOLE time and if I pulled him off of his brother I heard him yell "BUT I LOVE HIM!" (notice the last picture of Mac hugging his brother".

Inside the teepee

Brotherly Love


Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Mac's class had a Thanksgiving Feast at school today and parents were invited. He was so proud of his turkey and place mat. He was such a big boy and was so excited to tell me he was sitting in his seat eating and listening to his teacher, Miss Mandy. He loves her so much!



Here are some pictures of Mac from the last 2 weeks. His birthday party is this weekend and he is so excited! He is having a Mickey Mouse party. I will post party pictures next week.

Mac wears costumes all day long! Superman is his favorite at the moment. He put his chair on top of the train table and then fell asleep.

Mac found these beads then went to the Mr. Potato Head bucket and found the earrings.

Last weekend our friends Jamie and Jennifer came for a visit and brought their 2 kids, Will and Miles. Will and Mac are 1 month apart in age and Miles is 8 months. We had a great time and loved playing with the kids.


Polar Express

Pop and Gran Jan took all four boys on the Polar Express train ride 2 weeks ago. They all had an awesome time! The word to describe the weekend was magical. The boys have already asked to go back next year! Not only did they have fun on the train ride, but the night in a hotel room was a close second. Thanks Pop and Gran Jan for giving the boys a trip to remember.


Halloween Night

Here are pictures of Halloween night. We trick or treated in our neighborhood and the kids had a ball. Some neighbors about 5 houses down always drive a tractor with a trailer and carry kids and when we were invited to go along, I knew the boys would love it. It did rain that night, but the boys did not mind it all. It was a great night!


Pumpkins, Parade and School Party

Mason and the boys carved pumpkins last week in the forms of a Ninja and Batman. John Lawrence picked out both of the designs. Mason's carving skills are getting better and better every year.

John Lawrence's school had a Halloween parade the Friday before Halloween. It was so cute! Mac thought it was so cool to see all the kids in their favorite costumes.

Mac's class had a Fall party and he was allowed to wear his Dragon costume too. He decided as soon as I got there and pulled my camera out that his costume was too hot and big. So we enjoyed the party, but without the costume. This was his first preschool party and he loved it.