We celebrated Easter at home this year. We went to church then headed over to the Pangle's house for Sunday lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  The boys love hanging out with their cousins and taking care of Foster. Thanks for hosting Sunday lunch Ellen!


John Lawrence~March 27th~9 years old

John Lawrence turned 9 years old on March 27th. We started the day with waffles with candles and then school (I brought cupcakes for the class). After school he went to his friend Dyan's house and then Mason picked him up and they went and had dinner. He said he had a good day and birthday!

Here are 9 things we don't want to forget about John Lawrence at this age.

1. He loves his friends like a teenager does.

2. He loves lacrosse this season and scored his first goal!

3. He loves Beef Jerky, Plain noodles and Japanese shrimp and rice.

4. His best friend is Dylan and they spend the night together almost every weekend.

5. He has come so far this year in reading and his confidence has soared! 

6. He loves to play Minecraft.

7. He loves to watch Minecraft videos on the ipad.

8. He and his dad are like two peas in a pod. They love to watch the same tv shows and he always prefers Mason to toss the ball with him.

9. He is still the sweetest boy his dad and I know. He has the sweetest heart and is always willing to help out and take care of others.

We love you so much John Lawrence! Thanks for making your Daddy and I~ parents.


JL's 9th Birthday Party~Skate Country

JL decided to have his 9th birthday this year at Skate Country. He and his friends love to go to Skate Country for school skate night, so it seemed like a great place for a birthday party. The kids loved it and it was very easy for Mason and I as well. JL invited his cousins, a few friends and some class mates.


Minecraft Birthday Cake

This year John Lawrence requested a Mine Craft cake. It took a while to get in contact with our cake lady, but we were able to pull it off. He loved his cake as did all his friends at his birthday party.



Lacrosse Hit

JL loves to play Lacrosse at home and was playing with a neighbor with no helmet and got hit in the head. It looked worse than it was, but we were worried for a minute. It head swelled up within minutes.


Spring Lacrosse

JL played spring Lacrosse this season. It started in January and ended in May. He scored a goal for the first time this season and had an unforgettable coach~ that we just loved. JL really enjoy playing  this season. It was a turning point for him. He wanted to practice at home often and with Mac and Mason.We will continue it again in the Fall. Mac plans to play for the first time this Fall as well.