This is our 3rd year going to Chapin for swim lessons and I have to say that is it that and so much more!

The boys are in heaven at Nettie's house. My best friend, Ashley has parents that live in Chapin, S.C. on some land and they have an open invitation for people to come to their house at all times.

There are so many things here to entertain boys that like to be outside. Mine would live outside if they could. Here are some to name a few: woods, golf carts, trails, bridge/creek and a pool.

Also, Nettie makes the most tasty food and has such a warm and inviting home that you can't help but feel right at home. The minute we arrived Mac opened the fridge and pulled out a Capri Sun. I guess you could say he was comfortable.

Thanks Nettie for the hospitality!!!!

Brothers (Best I could get of them both)


6 of the 9 kids there that day
JL, Ella, Macy, Ashley, Luke, Hudson, Jackson, Denise

JL learned to dive this week (thanks Ashley)

Making dinosaur cookies
Adding Sprinkles to the cookies
Climbing trees

Mac loved the playhouse

Where they ate almost every meal


Nettie's House

This is what we do in Chapin, S.C. at Nettie's house. I will post more about it tomorrow.


Road Trip

I took the boys on a road trip this week to see Nana in Beaufort. We had a great time and did lots of fun activities! Our favorites were going on a boat ride, playing on the cannons, going to parks and the pool and lastly we can't forget going to the Chocolate Tree (they have the best chocolate in the world!)

Thanks Nana for showing us a great time! We love you!


What more do I need to say.....


VBS week

The first week of June started with a bang! John Lawrence's preschool offered Vacation Bible School to all students who had completed pre-K. Mac could attend only if I taught a class. So, I decided why not teach it would be fun. I ended up teaching the 2 and 3 year olds. They were great~ except Mac was in my class. He worked me over day after day!!! He was hard and would not let me out of sight.

I would do it again, but would would not teach in Mac's class unless he was older. Ellen taught in John Lawrence and Walker's class and she said they were great! Henry was in my class as well. He was good and so ready to go to school!

Next week we are off to Beaufort to visit Nana! We are looking forward to being in the Lowcountry~nice, quiet and peaceful~

I will be taking lots of pictures- see you in a week!