I'm back!!!!!

I am back at Golds Gym!!!! I was a member about a year or so ago and quit (ok I said it) and now I am back. I want to get healthier, loose some weight, tone up and just take some time for myself. I think I will be a better person, wife and mother if I am working out. I signed up on Saturday and so far have worked out on Sunday and Monday and this morning (Wednesday I have an appointment with a personal trainer) so I think I am off to a great start! Wish me luck.



The last few weeks have been trying here at the Walker house! I took Mac's paci away 2-3 weeks ago and the terrible twos hit our house with a vengeance at the same time. Needless to say we are surviving, but not without many temper tantrums and meltdowns.

I have taken some pictures of Mac when I would see him doing something cute so I could remind myself how precious he is when I am at my wits end!

This is a day of no nap- we went to the park instead. He fell asleep at 4:15 while watching The Wiggles. He got a bath as soon as he got home because he was covered in sand (yes- we still wear our Christmas pjs).

Loving on China. He wore these glasses all of January and some of February. These were in a Volcano kit JL got for Christmas.

Mac wants to potty train now! He takes all of his clothes off about 4 times a day and goes to sit on the Dora seat in the bathroom. I feel like this happens when we are about to walk out the door very often!

Mac got into some stickers the other day. I had to take his picture-he was so proud! Next thing he did was stick them on the wood floor and the windows in the playroom!


Valentines Day Cards

John Lawrence and I went to pick out Valentines Day cards this week for his classmates.

Conversation between John Lawrence and myself:

The night before
JL: Mom we need to get 2 boxes (one box -Power Rangers for the boys and one box -Princess for the girls).
Mom: JL there will be some pink rangers for the girls so we don't need to get the princess set.
JL: Mom girls do not like Power Rangers.
Mom: Ok fine JL we will get some for the girls (in my mind it is only $3)

The next day
Mom: There are no Power Ranger cards here do you see something else you like?
JL: I guess that Star Wars will work too.
Mom: JL that is great thanks- for understanding and compromising and now lets get some for the girls.
JL: I don't see the princess box I want either, so let's see. Here is Hannah Montana -She is BIG! The girls will love her!!!!!!
Mom: How do you know about Hannah Montana?
JL: Mom she is so Big!!!! They love her.
Mom: Ok let's get her then.

How does he know this stuff already? I tell Mason all the time he is your typical guy and only listens to what he wants, so I was shocked he even knew about girl stuff like Hannah Montana.


Snow Mountain

Stone Mountain in Georgia turned a section of their park into Snow Mountain this winter. It runs from January 1st to March 8th. They make snow for tubing and playing in the snow. Mason took JL yesterday and they had a ball! John Lawrence said over and over he had too much fun. When they came home he could not stop smiling. Mason said it was like playing in the snow first the time through the eyes of a child. Priceless!


Bye Bye Paci

It was a sad day for Mac yesterday as he is no longer using his paci. I took it away yesterday for real this time. I have attempted to do this about 3 or 4 times, but something always came up. I took it away yesterday morning at 8:00am and he took a nap and slept all through the night without it. I won't say it was a breeze~ there were some melt downs through out the day, but he did sleep so maybe not too bad. I was expecting a lot worse!

I can tell it will be easier today than yesterday. I am very excited to be done with the paci!

I will post later how we are doing at the end of the week. No turning back now. I threw them all away in the outside trashcan. I knew I could never get them back if I did that.

Here is the last picture I took of him with the paci in his mouth. I think it will be hard for me to see him as my little baby from now on. He really is becoming a little boy.