My Little Indian

~Trying to pick out a Halloween costume~

He knows what he likes, so I don't think this one is going to make the cut. I wanted a picture of him in it just for me. This week alone he has already nixed two shirts that would not work for school. He has a mind of his own.



I won a giveaway last week on one of my favorite blogs: Bienvenue ~Susie Harris is wonderful and she has a blog full of wonderful creative ideas. I go there to be inspired. One of her sponsors, Serendipity was giving away this gorgeous necklace and I won it! I got it in the mail on Wednesday and I am in love with it.

Thanks Natalie and Susie!

Fun Run

John Lawrence's school had their first fundraiser last week. It was the Boosterthon Fun Run. This was a program that focused on Fitness, Education, and Character Building. The kids had a great time. It was JL's first day back after having the flu and he did great. He was a little bit shy at first then he warmed up to the idea. He ended up running all 35 laps and even ran an extra 2 laps with his friends. He had a great time and a big thank you to all of our family that supported him.

Our house is healthy again. JL is the only one that got the flu and Mac and I ended up with a cold over the weekend, but we are good now. Hoping for a healthy winter!!!


We are sick of it

We are tired of being sick and at the doctor's office!!

Mac: has been dealing with allergies and the sort. He officially hates to hear the words doctor's office.
We have had appointments for the following within the the month for : 2 ear infections, wheezing, allergy back prick tests, drawing blood to check on his allergies(on a different day), he got 2 does of antibiotics in his leg for the ear infections, breathing treatments around the clock for 4 days and he got a flu shot.

Mac is allergic to Ragweed, Dogs, Cats and Peanuts(yes, we have an epi pen now)
Give the Kid a break!

John Lawrence: has the Swine Flu. Enough said. He has had a fever for FIVE straight days. He has been out of school for FOUR days in a row. He is so bored and ready to get out of this house. As am I! It has been raining for days and it is supposed to rain over the weekend.

Please don't let Mac get the flu!!!! I feel like it will hit him any day now.

I feel better just getting that off my chest......


Feeding the animals

This is Mac's favorite thing to do at Pop and Gran Jan's house. He could ride/drive the golf cart and feed the animals all day long. We did this a couple of times over the weekend. This is the final Labor Day post.

Labor Day Feast and Pool Party

Over Labor Day we went to Mason's cousin Sallie's house for a cookout and pool party. Chris cooked ribs and hot dogs, which were excellent. Everyone brought side dishes and dessert. All I say is that the food was wonderful and we all had a great time. The boys did not want to leave. Thanks Sallie and Chris!


Mac's first day of Preschool

Mac started his first day of Preschool on September 7th. He had an ok day. Not that excited about being away from mom, but he survived and it is getting easier everyday we go. Today was his 4 th day and he cried for only a few minutes at the beginning. Needless to say this is what happened when I asked Mac to take a picture on the first morning of school.

Mason and JL showing Mac how to do it.

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Finally~ I got him to sort of smile

In the carpool line (sitting in the front seat)

On the water

~ Lake Cooley ~

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First time with a gun

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Pop and Gran Jan's house. We had a great time! It was very peaceful and relaxing. JL wanted to shoot this BB gun, so he and Mason picked out a target and went to town. He was proud of himself and knows that there are gun rules and he can only shoot the gun with Mason or Pop. He felt so grown up!


Ready or not here Mac comes

Ready or not here Mac comes. Preschool starts on Tuesday for Mac, so we went to Celebration for Open House and Mac had a good time. He was somewhat shy at first then started playing with toys and even went number 1 & 2 in the potty at school. I was so proud! We have been working on potty training for the last 3 weeks and I think he has it!!! My goal was to be potty trained before preschool started.

The first picture is his new teacher Ms. Mandy giving Mac a sticker for using the potty at school.

He will be in the 2 year old class and will go to school Monday,Tuesday and Thursday from 9 - 1. We are both so excited!


Good Bye SPD....Hello Nemo

John Lawrence's first fish S.P.D (Power Ranger name of some sort) passed away this week, so we had to go out that night and get him a new fish named Nemo (3rd name this one might be his forever name).

JL got SPD for Christmas and regularly forgot to feed him or even look at him. Mason and I talked about replacing SPD before JL got home from school; however, I thought that was not necessary. " He barely even looks at him it is no big deal".

I WAS SO WRONG! He was so upset and knew exactly what death was all about. He kept saying I am going to miss him and I will never see him again. He said he wanted to hold and hug him. By this time SPD was half gray, so holding was really not an option.

I said a prayer for him and then we let him go to heaven. During the prayer Mac kept saying "Fish is gone, no more Fish, Fish go bye bye" and Mason is so shocked by my sweet prayer he was in tears from doing a silent laugh/cry (It reminded him of Clark W. Griswold). JL actually thought Mason was crying too. So needless to say we HAD to get him another fish ASAP!

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Edisto Beach

We went to Edisto Beach the weekend before school started and had a great time. We were there with my mom, step dad, step sister~ Nina and her family and my sister and her family. I did not take many pictures at all, but we had a fantastic time. Some things we did was go to the beach, pool, ride bikes on trails, look for ghost crabs on the beach with flashlights and lots of talking and playing.

Thanks Mom and Ron for a great trip!


Happy Birthday Mason

Happy Birthday Mason. Thanks for being such a wonderful Daddy and Husband! We love you.