We are sick of it

We are tired of being sick and at the doctor's office!!

Mac: has been dealing with allergies and the sort. He officially hates to hear the words doctor's office.
We have had appointments for the following within the the month for : 2 ear infections, wheezing, allergy back prick tests, drawing blood to check on his allergies(on a different day), he got 2 does of antibiotics in his leg for the ear infections, breathing treatments around the clock for 4 days and he got a flu shot.

Mac is allergic to Ragweed, Dogs, Cats and Peanuts(yes, we have an epi pen now)
Give the Kid a break!

John Lawrence: has the Swine Flu. Enough said. He has had a fever for FIVE straight days. He has been out of school for FOUR days in a row. He is so bored and ready to get out of this house. As am I! It has been raining for days and it is supposed to rain over the weekend.

Please don't let Mac get the flu!!!! I feel like it will hit him any day now.

I feel better just getting that off my chest......

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