A picture worth a thousand words

The cookie jar is no longer on the counter. It is in the pantry on a high shelf.

Playing with friends

Here are the boys playing with my girlfriend's kids. The boys have been friends since they were born. Jan Epling and I have been friends since we both used to work (pre kids). Her kids are Christian (4) and Jaden (2). Jan watched all the kids one day last week while I ran errands. They boys loved it!

End of Baseball

John Lawrence had a great 1st season playing tball. He got the game ball after the 2nd game, which he loved along with his new trophy!


Mac eating a cupcake

Today I decided I wanted to spend some time on the computer and did not want to be interupted (I guess I was gone too long this weekend and forgot what it was like to have kids). John Lawrence was at school and Mac was here. So, I decided if Mac had a cupcake in my room on the floor he would be busy and I would not be interrupted. Well, I guess he showed me. What a mess!!!!!

At this point I thought he was done. He sucked most of the icing off so I thought it was over. I threw it away and then he proceeded to cry for 10 minutes because he wanted to finish it. I had already cleaned and changed his clothes so the answer was no. I guess my quiet computer time was over.

My Potted Flowers

Here are my potted flowers on the front porch. They make me so happy when I see them.

A Painted House

We just got our house painted this past week. The painter did a fabulous job!!! We stayed with the same color overall, but changed the shutters to black instead of dark green. For some reason I forgot to take before and after pictures. I have beaten myself up for it so I guess here are the afters. We plan to change or re stain the door so I will definitely take before and afters of that project.

Guys Weekend

This past weekend was a Guys weekend around our house. I was out of town in North Carolina at my cousin Shelly's wedding. Mason stayed home to take care of the boys. They went and played Putt Putt Golf on Friday, Chuck-E-Cheese on Saturday and Church on Sunday. JL got to sleep in the bed with Mason on both nights. That is always a treat for him and Mason always lets him do it.

I had a great time with my family in North Carolina. The wedding was beautiful and so sweet! My cousin graduated from medical school and is now a doctor, moved into her first home and got married all in the month of May! WOW!! Congratulations Shelly!

I left my camera at home so no pictures were taken at the wedding or at the house so this is a no picture post-Sorry!


Our meal prayer

John Lawrence learned this meal blessing at school this year and this week he has gotten to where he will sing it to us all by himself. We are so proud of him and he loves to say it.

We thank you Lord for 100 things
For the flowers that bloom
and the birds that sing

For the sun that shines
and the rain that drops
For ice cream, raisins and

Words from John Lawrence

At John Lawrence's preschool they have Donuts with Dad Day and Muffins with Mom Day. The kids make a gift for the parents and also tell their teacher about mom and dad and the teacher writes it down for them.

I thought they were so cute and will love to look back and see what he thought about us at this age.

My Dad
My dad is 9 feet tall. He has brown eyes and brown hair.
We love to play chutes and ladders together.
He works at papers then he comes home to be with me.
One day I will be tall just like him.
January 2008

My Mom
My mom is 6 feet tall. She has green eyes and brown hair.
Her name is Kim.
We love to go to the dentist together every day.
She always does special things for me like playing golf with me.
I love her more than outside time.
May 2008
Here is a flower that JL and I made together for school. It was his homework. He had to describe John Lawrence.
This picture here is one that John Lawrence did at school. It is my favorite of the year. He did it all by himself except for writing Noahs Ark. I am going to frame it and hang it in the house.


Sam and Hudson's Karate Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Boys!

Sorry this post is almost 2 weeks old. I had it in my drafts and forgot to complete and post it.

We went to Sam and Hudson's Birthday on Saturday in Spartanburg. John Lawrence and Mac loved it.

John Lawrence's 4 Year Old Check Up

John Lawrence had his 4 year old check up on May 5th. We are always about a month behind schedule due to insurance reasons.

Here are the stats!!!!

Weight 45lbs 94%

Height 44 in 97%

blood pressure 90/46
(This last one is new I guess this will be listed from here on out)

We had to get a urine sample and a shot in the arm. John Lawrence was so brave and did not cry at all. He was so pleasant the nurse let JL go and pick out a prize in the treasure box. We have seen it before, but never was told to go and get something out of it. We always just got stickers. So this was a really really big deal!

He is healthy as a horse and actually loves going to the doctor and really enjoys seeing Mac go to the doctor as well.