Mac eating a cupcake

Today I decided I wanted to spend some time on the computer and did not want to be interupted (I guess I was gone too long this weekend and forgot what it was like to have kids). John Lawrence was at school and Mac was here. So, I decided if Mac had a cupcake in my room on the floor he would be busy and I would not be interrupted. Well, I guess he showed me. What a mess!!!!!

At this point I thought he was done. He sucked most of the icing off so I thought it was over. I threw it away and then he proceeded to cry for 10 minutes because he wanted to finish it. I had already cleaned and changed his clothes so the answer was no. I guess my quiet computer time was over.


Katie said...


He is adorable. I love his hair!


Martha Jane Walker said...

presh! aunt martha jan loves him!