Little Rookie

Mac started baseball practice last week and he loves it! He has been so excited knowing that it was his turn to finally play baseball. He has watched so many games and practices that he told us "he wants everyone to come and watch him play".

We thought he was going to be pretty competitive playing and we were right. The coach wanted the boys to run the bases and Mac would race anyone close to him. He would cut corners and never tag the base if it meant he could win the race. When it was time to hit off the tee~ he slammed it and smiled after each hit.
His team is the Braves and his coach is a Firefighter. Mac thinks those two things are awesome!

I think he is going to have a great time out on that baseball field.


Blood mountain

Gone camping at blood mountain with the boys. Having a great time and the weather could not be any better!

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Car Wash

The boys love to help Mason wash the car. This was on the summer to do list and is always a fun way to get wet really wet and play with bubbles.


1st Grader

John Lawrence started his first day of 1st grade on August 9th. We are off to a great start!

His teacher's name is Ms. Barr and JL's says she is nice and does not yell at all :). I met her at Open House and she seemed very nice and organized. She let the kids pick out their own desks and they put up their own school supplies. That was right up Jl's alley (a little OCD~he gets that from me).

We have had a great week and a half and a little guy that is excited about going to school in the mornings. Definitely different from last year, I could not ask for a better start.


Tooth Fairy

I titled this post Tooth Fairy; however, it should be called Award for the Worst Mommy of the Year. Last week John Lawrence lost his third tooth. He was so excited, but we (he and I) forgot to put it under his pillow that night. No big deal we would do it the next night.

The boys decided that night they wanted to camp out in the playroom with a tent and sleeping bags. JL was worried that the tooth fairy would not know where he was, so he asked me to make a sign and he would tell me exactly what to write. You would think after I helped him make the sign and hang it up, I would remember to visit him in the middle of the night. Nope~ it did not happen- I forgot.

He woke up the next morning around 6:30am to inform me that she never came and must not have known where he was. We had to make more signs. So that day we ended up making 6 signs and that darn tooth fairy finally came to visit him and had to leave him extra money because she was so slack or just couldn't read the sign the night before.

Either way he was happy even if it was 3 days later.


Getting ready for school

This week we have been gearing up for the new school year. Our school supplied have been purchased and lunch boxes bought. We get the boys a new lunch box every year. Aunt Martha Jan told the boys she wanted to buy it for them and they cold pick out the kind they wanted.  This what they picked and are so excited! Thanks Aunt Martha Jan!

It really is the little things.

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Beach Week

We went to the beach the 3rd week of July with Mason's side of the family. We had a wonderful relaxing time.

We literally stayed in the pool and/or ocean all week long. JL loved the ocean -swimming into waves. Mac preferred the pool; however, he loved to build sandcastles on the beach with Gran Jan.

By Thursday, Mason ended up with Swimmers Ear and then by Saturday we were at another Urgent  Care with Mac, who also got Swimmers Ear.

This year we took the boys out one day to go play putt putt, ride a mechanical bull, and ride go karts. They had a ball! Eric also took the older boys to the batting cage. They also went to a tattoo parlor and picked out great tattoos.

It was a great trip and we want to thank Gran Jan and Pop for a wonderful vacation and for already booking the same house for next year. This was our 6th or 7th year in a row in the same house!

More Beach Pictures

Here are some pictures that Ellen shared with us from our beach week that captured my boys and our week. Because I print out my blog book so many of  these were a must. Thanks Ellen for sharing them with us. They are wonderful!

Beach Pictures

Beach Pictures