Compare John Lawrence and Mac

John Lawrence at 7 weeks old.

Mac at 6 weeks old.

Here are pictures of John Lawrence and Mac. Here is John Lawrence at 7 weeks old and here is a picture of Mac at 6 weeks old. They are starting to look different. At first everyone said they looked identical.

Picture Post

Here are some recent pictures of the boys! I have not posted as much as I would like and will try and do better.


Mac's 1 month doctor appointment

Mac went to the doctor on Friday, December 29 and here is how much he had grown since his birth. He has received a good report. He is doing great! Getting bigger everyday.

Birth 11-29-06
weight: 9lbs 4oz
length: 21 3/4 in

2 weeks old 12-12-06
weight: 9lbs 5 oz
length:22 1/2 in

1 month 12-29-06
weight: 10lbs 12oz
length: 23 3/4in