Hair Paint

The boys ask often if they can spray paint their hair. Last Saturday the boys asked and I said yes.



John Lawrence is playing Lacrosse this Fall and really enjoying the sport. This summer he signed up for a one week lacrosse camp and decided it was something he wanted to try in the Fall. He loves the gear: helmet, mouth guard, arm pads, gloves, and a stick that is wrapped in tape. He has blisters on his hands and for that he is very proud. It has been fun watching him play a contact sport. It is different than anything he has ever played and he is having fun!

Isn't that really all that matters.


Botany Bay

We stopped off at Botany Bay on our way out of town from Edisto Beach to Charleston. It was Mason's birthday and Botany Bay was his wish list. We tried to go out and see it two other times and it was closed. The cool thing about Botany Bay is that it is a natural beach. You can not take shells home and there were a million awesome ones there. It was beautiful! I am so glad we got to see this piece of heaven.



We went to Edisto Beach over Labor Day with my mom and Ron and Allison and her family. It was a great weekend! The boys had an absolute blast hanging out with their cousins Sam and Hudson. They went from the beach to the pool to the hot tub. I can't believe this is the only picture I managed to capture while we were there.

Best Friends

Mac's first best friend that is not a family friend just moved away about a month ago. Mac played with Finn every single day and I can tell he really misses his buddy.  Finn moved to Chicago and playtime is not the same without Mac's best friend.

Sleepover Night