Visit with Santa 2008

We took the boys to see Santa yesterday and they did great. Mac was not afraid at all. JL even added some new things to his list.


Cozy Night

We had a cozy night and put up the Christmas tree. The requirements were a fire, hot chocolate, make chocolate chip cookies and wear Christmas pajamas. It was cold and rainy as well. It was perfect. We got the tree decorated and it looks great it is officially Christmas at our house.

The last thing John Lawrence said before he went to bed was "Is the tree going to filled with presents when I wake up?" I had to tell him no. I am only half way done xmas shopping and have not wrapped any presents yet.
Sorry! I am normally completely done by this time.


Picking out a Tree

We went to Thompson's Christmas Tree Farm last night to get our tree. It was a cold night, which was perfect for some hot apple cider and hot chocolate.

We got a 9' foot tree. It is tall and skinny. Perfect for our tall ceilings!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Today John Lawrence and I made a Gingerbread Christmas Tree. Maybe not the best, but 50 times better than the Gingerbread House from last year. I blogged about that one as well. It really got us in the mood to decorate the tree tonight.
PS-I bought this kit last year the day after xmas ($2.99). It is a year old and the tree part was hard as a rock and broke while I pulled them apart. Also, the icing was hard too, so not bad with what we had to work with. Next year I will know to buy fresh!!!!
PSS- Had to use school glue and Mod Podge to hold it together. Mason said "I guess we can't eat the candy off of it this year". I said who actually does that anyway. Then I forgot my mother-in-law Jan actually made everything from scratch when she did these for her kids when the were young. So no no do not eat the candy!!!!


Cricket is Here

JL took this picture~
He was so excited that Cricket came back.

Cricket came to live at our house (for the first time) last year the day after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve night. The other part of the year he lives at the North Pole with Santa Claus.
He is a big deal in our house! Every night he flies to the North Pole to tell Santa Claus if we were good or bad that day and returns home before the boys wake up and moves to a new spot.
The boys have so much fun looking for him. It is the first thing John Lawrence thinks about when he wakes up. Mac has already caught on as well. This year JL not only thinks about himself, but also about me.
EVERY time I discipline him now he reminds me that Cricket is watching and that I am being mean and Santa will find out. He truly talks to Cricket and tells him what happened and why he does certain things.
It is so cute and let me tell you, JL is on his best behavior in the month of December.
This is a family tradition and I love it!!!

2nd Birthday party

We celebrated Mac's bday again in Kentucky with my side of the family over Thanksgiving. Again, he loved the cake.

Mac turns two!

Mac turned two on November 29th and we celebrated a week early at my house with family. Mac's favorite thing was his birthday cake. He had a great day!

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

We spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky with my parents. We had a great time seeing them and some how I did not take pictures except for these of Gregory and the boys and then Mac's bday party I will post those too.
This is for you Gregory!


John Lawrence's Thanksgiving Program

John Lawrence's school had a Thanksgiving Feast and Lunch at school. They sang 5 songs (1 in spanish) and said our lunch prayer. It was very cute!! John Lawrence was dressed as a pilgrim.


Picture Day

I decided to start early this year and work on getting a Christmas picture of the boys. I figured Mac would be a rascal and boy was I right. JL was great and Mac would not smile for the camera. I took about 60 pictures and got some great ones of them alone and 1 maybe 2 of them together. I did not post the one I am going to use yet, because I am unsure if that will be the one. I took these the first week of November and I think I will try one more time next week.

Playing in the leaves