B is for Birdseed

Mac learns a new letter every week at Preschool and they center all their activities around it. Last week was the letter B. They had a Breakfast with Bears: They actually brought in teddy bears (Mac thought that was for babies, but he still did it) and the kids had to bring in breakfast food. Mac brought bagels. They ate them (Mac did not-hates bread) and they made bird feeders out of them.

They used a bagel, cream cheese and bird seed. Mac loved it and even put it in tree all by himself.


Tree House Part 7-Final

Here are the final pictures of the Tree House. It is complete and painted! The boys use it daily and love to show it to their friends.

To read and see all parts of the Tree House Build out see these posts. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Thanks Pop!


Countdown to Disney

Today marks 30 days until we head to Disney World. Mac loves a count down! We count down to birthdays, trips, spend the night parties, soccer games and many more things.

Here we go! We are ready!


Paint Party

Since the beginning talks and dreams of a tree house JL, Mac and Gavin have had a plan to paint the tree house together. Last Sunday the boys painted the tree house for three hours straight. No breaks to use the bathroom, to get food or a drink. They had the best time painting with only one rule. Only paint the inside of the tree house. They did an awesome job! The colors the boys picked out were black, green and red (for the Gamecocks). I did not take after pictures that day because of the insane amount of paint on the floor. I will take them this weekend, so you can see their masterpiece.

**While the boys were painting the inside Mason was painting the outside. He had started it weeks earlier but ran out of paint, so he finished it on Sunday as well.


Soccer Players

Mac and John Lawrence are both playing soccer this year. We love having them in the same sport and on the same fields. Mason is the assistant coach and I am the team mom again for JL's team.

Mac seems to enjoy it and is picking up the game very easily. He has scored a goal during each game.

JL is really growing as a soccer player. It is amazing how much more confident he is this second season. He scored 2 goals during last Saturday's game! That is amazing considering last season he scored 1 goal all season. He was so proud!! So were we!!!!


Club House Signs

Last Friday, John Lawrence had a friend from school spend the night named Gavin. Not Gavin our neighbor another Gavin. Anyway this led to a party of sorts because before you know it Christian came over because his parents were house hunting and then Parker and Gavin who live in the neighborhood came by and then we had 4 second grade boys and Mac at our house. It was a party until about 9 or 10pm. They had a great time! The boys decided they needed to make signs for the Club House. See below.

Tree House Part 6

Here is another picture update on the boy's tree house. It is awesome! Pop came and spent a couple of days with us and finished up the tree house. The boys and Mason were responsible for painting it at a later date. The only thing left is to decide what kind of ladder to build to go up in loft. That is it! The boys and their friends love the Tree House. Thanks Pop!!!!

Labor Day

We went to Gran Jan and Pop's for Labor Day and had a relaxing time hanging out at the lake. The boys loved riding the tube and fishing.  It was a quick trip, but a perfect way to end the summer.