Litchfield Beach

Two weeks ago the boys and I went to Litchfield Beach to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa and Sam
and Hudson. We met them on Wednesday and got to play with Sam and Hudson for the day before Dan had to come and pick up the boys due to Sam's All-Star baseball games. We all went crabbing together and to the beach. The boys really got into crabbing and we had to pull them away to go the beach. The second day was spent with more beach time and lots of bike riding. Dad and Diane fixed some great meals and I truly had my best camping meal ever (steak, shrimp and salad). We ended the trip with an overnight trip to my Grandma Hunt's house. She is 88 years old and still has it together. It is always nice to sit and talk to her and hear what she is thinking.

This was the first time the boys and I had gone camping at the beach~much different than camping in the mountains. Thanks for inviting us Grandma and Grandpa. We had fun!


 We went to Beaufort to see Nana two weeks ago and as always had a great time. My mom is so good about trying to set up fun activities that she thinks the boys would enjoy. This trip she scheduled a boating trip called the Jungle Boat Safari boat trip was 2 hours and we saw lots and lots of dolphins and many different kinds of birds. The captain even let the boys drive the boat.

We also took the boys bowling and to both of the parks in town. We never miss the Chocolate Tree or the Upper Crust. My mom sings in the Beaufort Belles and we went to one of her performances and saw her sing. It was so nicet to see her doing something she loves. 

We love our Beaufort trips and Nana! Thanks Nana for a wonderful summer vacation!


Progress~ Tree House Part 2

Pop came to our house a couple of weeks ago to work on the tree house. He constructed the framing at his house then brought it here on a trailer. Mason and Eric helped piece it together. At that point the floor and framing were complete. Pop has been back two more times since these pictures and has completed the roof and supports. Mason has really enjoyed working on the tree house with his dad. The boys are beyond excited and can't wait for the tree house to be complete! They have big painting plans.

Pool Days

When we are in town this is where we end up most days.

End of the season baseball party

Mac had his end of the year baseball party on June 1st. He was looking forward to the party because he knew he was getting a trophy to take home. The party was at a park which the kids loved. The coaches and team mom were awesome this season! Mac enjoyed playing ball and we loved seeing him have so much fun on the field.

Next season we are on to soccer. Both boys will play the same sport and I could not be happier.

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Just the four of us went camping over Memorial Day and had a really great time. It was a good ten degrees cooler in the mountains than back home. We had a cold stream behind our site and the boys pretty much stayed in it the entire weekend. We have started taking bikes on our trips and the boys love to go and explore the campgrounds on them. At the end of the campground was a beautiful waterfall that was really secluded and quiet. We were able to explore the area around the falls and get some really good pictures of it. We had a wonderful time and it was great to get away for a few days.

Made pancakes one morning
Snake we saw on a walk

This waterfall was in our campground. We could walk to it. Beautiful!

Blog Break

I have taken a blog break for the last couple of weeks and now I am going to attempt to get caught up before I go out of town again this summer. We have been out of town for 2 weeks and are finally home for a couple of days. I also have to complete my 2010 blog book by July 8th (blurb Groupon will expire) so that will take priority. I have to say, I am overwhelmed at the amount of pictures I need to sort through and posts I need to do, but these are our family memories~ so here we go......


First and Last Day of School

Here is John Lawrence's first and last day of 1st grade.

Here is Mac's first and last day of 3 year old preschool.

Time please slow down.