Camping with Friends

About 3 weeks ago, Mason and I went camping in North Carolina with our best friends from college. It rained the first night and was so cold the second night! I will never forget how cold I was on that trip, but most of all I never forget how these friends feed my soul. I can leave after a weekend of hanging out and feel so refreshed. It does not matter where we go or what we do they are so good for me.

*This trip taught me to be very prepared for the bitter cold. I have ordered a 3-1(rain, cold or both) jacket from LL Bean and it will arrive within 3 -5 days. Man, I wish I would have had the right jacket on this trip. Lesson learned.

Mason and Ashley cooked us breakfast

We missed you Jenny~


John Lawrence started his second round of Karate about 2 months ago and just completed the class last week. He took his first Belt test on the last week of class. He was a white belt and passed his test, so now he is a yellow with white stripe belt. He was so excited and proud! He was so focused and determined.

He also let us know that was the first test he has ever taken and his passed!

Congratulations John Lawrence we are so proud of you!


A Little R & R

I went to Myrtle Beach with my mom and sister about 3 weeks ago and it was just what I needed. We laid on the beach for 7 hours straight on Friday(heaven), hit the beach again in the morning on Saturday then shopped for the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday, we had another lazy morning then headed back home that afternoon.

I left for my beach vacation on Thursday afternoon and it was such a special time to spend with my mom and sister. The 3 of us had not gone on a trip together in too many years (more than 15 years)!

Thanks Dan for allowing us to use your boss's condo for the weekend!

It was wonderful!!!!! I came back and felt so refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things.


Karate Party

A friend of John Lawrence, Christian had a Karate party yesterday and the boys had a great time! Mac was such a big boy. You were supposed to be 3 years and older, but that did not stop Mac. Hereare videos of Mac and John Lawrence breaking boards. If JL can do it so can Mac (or so he thinks)!


John Lawrence