It happened so fast

This past Friday, Ellen was watching Mac in the morning while I was out shopping with a friend (Julie) from out of town. Ellen calls shortly after I left to tell me that Mac peed in his pants. Ok~ well potty training has just started, but I was surprised. Then she calls back 30 mins later to say that he pooped in his pants~ ok not that surprised. I said just put him in pull ups. Then she calls back 1 hour later to say that Mac was not feeling good and was not playing, eating and was not his normal self. By the time I got to her house he seemed lethargic and and his breathing seemed off.

I called the doctor's office and got an appointment for 1 hour later. I took him in and he had a fever of 100.3, had double ear infections, sore throat, and wheezing. The doctor was very concerned and wanted to test Mac for the Swine Flu, Pneumonia and Strep Throat. He immediately got a breathing treatment and got a shot of antibiotics in both of his legs. We then went to another office to take a chest x ray to see if Mac had pneumonia.

The final result is no swine flu, no pneumonia, 2 ear infections, and wheezing as a result of possible allergies (made an appt to see an allergist on Sept. 9th). We did breathing treatments throughout the weekend with the final treatment being tonight. Mac was great and did not fight us when he had to do them. He was such a big boy!

All I can say is that I left him that morning with Ellen and he was fine and things turned on a dime. Ellen knows her nephew just as well as his mommy does and she did not hesitate to call me. Had she not called me when she did and it could have been so much worse. Thanks for being such a great Aunt! Mac and John Lawrence love their Aunt Ellen!


He is so proud

John Lawrence learned to tie his shoes last Monday night. He came home from school and said that some other kids in his class knew how to tie their shoes and he needed to learn.

Mason and I sat down with him and it took 1 hour max! I was shocked!! He learned how to double knot them the next morning. He was so proud of himself and so were we. The only time I have seen him more proud was when he learned to ride his bike with no training wheels.

Way to go JL!


Hudson and Sam for the weekend

Allison and Dan went to a concert overnight last weekend and Sam and Hudson got to stay with us. The boys had a great time! It was a pleasure having them stay at our house.

Mason took the boys on a bike ride at a local trail park

Pool Time

Slip N Slide

Caitlyn, John Lawrence and Hudson discussing if they had boy/girlfriends.


Potty Update

As of tonight at 7:45pm, Mac has peed on the floor 4 times and in the potty 4 times. The last 4 being the key word!

I have hope for tomorrow. I will be back with an update.

Wish me luck

Wish me luck... the potty training as just begun!



Mac has been wanting to ride a bike for awhile now, so I finally got JL's smaller bike out of the attic for him. Needless to say he loves it, but he is too small for it and needs our help the ENTIRE TIME!

He begs and pleads for Daddy to help him and when Daddy is not here he wants Mommy to help, but then reminds me that he wants Daddy to do it. I CAN'T WIN!


Waiting for the bus

Today was the first day of Kindergarten and John Lawrence was so excited to ride the bus to school! He got up ate his favorite breakfast meal (cinnamon rolls and orange juice) never even asked to watch cartoons. We took pictures and then decided he needed a Mohawk for the first day. He was comfortable and excited and did not seem nervous at all.

He had a great day and even liked the school lunch. I asked if he wanted to go back tomorrow and his answer was a really loud YES! I was expecting him to come home really tired and hungry and to my surprise he was not tired and so excited he could not stop moving. He went to sleep tonight finally at 9:00 p.m., so I fully expect him to crash by Wednesday night.

I really did miss him today, but it really helped knowing he was having a great time. The years have flown by so fast.... Mac on the other hand had a really hard time with JL gone today. He was missing him the second the bus drove off. He asked about him all day long! It will get better in a couple of days, but the good news is that when Bubba got home from school they played great together without fighting;)

Open House

We were so excited to go to Open House at John Lawrence's school (Duncan Creek Elementary) this past Thursday. We met his teachers and saw the classroom. We also walked around the school to check out the bus schedule, lunchroom and playground. Spirit wear was also purchased(courtesy of Martha Jane) that consisted of a t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt and raincoat.

John Lawrence was excited and nervous at the same time! By the end of Open House he was no longer nervous and ready to start school.
Mission accomplished!


Atlanta Falcons Football Practice

We went to the Atlanta Falcons football pratice last Saturday. It was our second time going (one time last year) and we really had a lot of fun. The boys like the excitement of it and seeing the big football players. John Lawrence really wants to play football next year when he is 6 years old. So, I guess we will let him unless he changes his mind...

He did not want the falcon on his face. The woman had to paint it on with an airbrush which he did
not like.

Unsure who the player is, but he sure is big and JL got his autograph. Mason knows, but I can't

this and that

Over the last two weeks we have been trying to have as much fun as possible to end the summer before JL starts school this coming Monday.

Here are a few things we have been doing: INK-museum, made brownies, playground with friends, lots of pool time and the slip-in-slide to name a few. Also, we went to the Atlanta Falcons first football practice of the season that was open to the fans and Stone Mountain Park (these will have a separate post)

Anyway, here are some pictures of things we have done.


Beach trip 2009

We went on our yearly beach trip last week with Mason's parents and sisters. The weather was perfect and things were very easy except for one little thing~Mac of course.

This was the year that he did not want to spend much time at the beach or pool and he had a summer cold as did Mason. So Mac spent countless hours napping, watching movies, or playing inside. The great thing about Mac is the he is fiercely independent and does not need any ones approval or help in doing things for himself. So he was content to be alone at times while we were outside enjoying ourselves. We took turns staying inside and checking on him so he really did not change our plans too much.

Anyway we had a great time and the week flew by way too fast! Thanks Jan and Larry!