It happened so fast

This past Friday, Ellen was watching Mac in the morning while I was out shopping with a friend (Julie) from out of town. Ellen calls shortly after I left to tell me that Mac peed in his pants. Ok~ well potty training has just started, but I was surprised. Then she calls back 30 mins later to say that he pooped in his pants~ ok not that surprised. I said just put him in pull ups. Then she calls back 1 hour later to say that Mac was not feeling good and was not playing, eating and was not his normal self. By the time I got to her house he seemed lethargic and and his breathing seemed off.

I called the doctor's office and got an appointment for 1 hour later. I took him in and he had a fever of 100.3, had double ear infections, sore throat, and wheezing. The doctor was very concerned and wanted to test Mac for the Swine Flu, Pneumonia and Strep Throat. He immediately got a breathing treatment and got a shot of antibiotics in both of his legs. We then went to another office to take a chest x ray to see if Mac had pneumonia.

The final result is no swine flu, no pneumonia, 2 ear infections, and wheezing as a result of possible allergies (made an appt to see an allergist on Sept. 9th). We did breathing treatments throughout the weekend with the final treatment being tonight. Mac was great and did not fight us when he had to do them. He was such a big boy!

All I can say is that I left him that morning with Ellen and he was fine and things turned on a dime. Ellen knows her nephew just as well as his mommy does and she did not hesitate to call me. Had she not called me when she did and it could have been so much worse. Thanks for being such a great Aunt! Mac and John Lawrence love their Aunt Ellen!

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Mama said...

That's seriously breaking my heart. Never want to see him with a mask on his face again!