This is why I do it

I finally ordered my blog book from Blurb and it is better than I imagined! It took about 2 1/2 weeks for it to arrive and I could not be happier. I had to deal with the their customer service department and they were awesome! I was sent the wrong book and they corrected it by sending mine next day air and gave me a $20 dollar credit towards my next book.

I decided to start my book by combining the years 2006-2008 for the main reason of you have to start somewhere. I had 19 posts in 2006, 31 in 2007 and 100 in 2008. So, as you can see I really became serious in 2008 about blogging. So, I decided to combine the first years and then after that I would do a book every year. My first book is 198 pages long and I think most will be about that size. In 2009 I had 106 posts, but I took a lot more pictures. 

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like. This is our family scrapbook and I know we will enjoy having this for our family in the future.


Snow Day

We had a Snow Day about 2 weeks ago and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it. No school was a big deal for John Lawrence-he loved the idea of skipping school to play all day. Mac lasted all of 10 minutes, then he was all done. John Lawrence was out for about an hour then came inside for some hot chocolate. 

JL begged Mac to come outside and play some more, but he said no.  Thinking fast,  JL invited Parker a neighborhood friend and also classmate to come over. Parker stayed the entire day and they boys were outside for about 2 1/2 hours straight. They had a ball! I was so glad JL had a friend to play in the snow with him.

John Lawrence is happy go lucky and really has a zest for life. He is always smiling and loves to have a good time.He loves to try new things and explore.



3 Year Old Doctor Appt.

Here are the stats from Mac's 3 Year Old Doctor Appointment:
Weight: 36.5 (86%)
Height 42 1/2 (98%)

Here are his 2 Year Stats to compare:
Weight: 32 (88%)
Height: 37 1/2 (98%)

The doctor was amazed that he grew 4 inches in a year! She asked him some questions and he was so cute in the way he answered them. He is healthy and happy and our little fire ball!

I forgot to do a birthday post about him, so I will do it now. I said from the beginning of time I would never skip over his birthday because of Thanksgiving and Christmas and that is what I did this year. I will not let that happen again.

Mac you are really into pajamas! You change into different sets about 2 - 4 times a day. You say it is your job. You hold or carry around between 4 to 7 action figures(Power Rangers are your favorite) in your hands at all times and you hate to share them! You love to watch Super Why and Curious George on the TV. A highlight of your day is to watch your brother play the Wii. Mario Kart is your favorite game. You are a very picky eater and choose to not eat much of the time if you can't eat what you want to eat. Your favorite items are hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, pancakes and Fruit by the foot.

You have an amazing spirit and are not afraid of anything. You try to keep up with your Bubba (you call JL this 90% of the time) at all times. You are so independent and I think that will get you far in life. We love you so much and you have brought so much joy and entertainment to our family!


Imagine It

We went to Imagine It over Christmas break while Mason was off of work. It was our first time going to this museum. Gran Jan and Pop got the boys a year pass to INK (a children's museum in Gainesville) and part of the pass is the ability to go to any museum across the country that is on an approved list and this was one of them, so it was free for us. The boys had a good time and Mac especially enjoyed it because they were featuring Curious George, which he loves. We will go back for sure!


Christmas Day

Our morning in pictures.....

John Lawrence's stash

Mac's stash


Christmas Eve

We go to Mason's parents house for Christmas and this is our routine every year. We get into town the night before Christmas Eve, that way we can wake up and enjoy every minute of Christmas Eve. It consists of doing a whole of nothing. Aunt Martha Jan comes up too and we won't know what to when she gets married or decides to do something else. It will be a sad year! We eat lots of appetizers, dips, etc and have a lazy day. Then we open presents from each other. The boys start asking to open presents around 12:00pm and we hold them off until about 4:00 or 5:00pm. Then we snack some more and Larry's family comes over and they make a festive drink called silly-bulb (spelling?). I will ask Mason what all goes in the drink and I will let you know. It is a long standing tradition that will have to be passed down. We go on a golf cart ride and start looking on the internet to see where Santa has been and when he is heading to our house. Then we put out food for the reindeer and go in to make a glass of milk, cookies and cheese (for Santa Mouse). The boys were so excited, but went to sleep and slept till 7:30 on Christmas morning.

On Christmas day we play with toys until around lunchtime then we head over to Grandma Walker's house for a wonderful meal and family time. Then we come home for about an hour of nap/rest time then it is off to Mammy's house (Jan's mom). We eat dinner and spend time with her family. There are lots of cousins and it is loud, crazy and so much fun.

So, you see why we chill on Christmas Eve because we are resting up for Christmas day!

We had a great trip and Pop and GranJan are always wonderful hosts!

JL hung the stockings the minute we arrived.

The local fire station comes by and brings Santa every year.

This is what Aunt Martha Jan brought Mac-He loved it!

Buzz Lightyear!

We both asked for and got rain boots this year.

Looking for santa!

Making Silly-Bulb drink

Putting out the cookies and milk for Santa.

Last picture before going to bed on Christmas Eve.