Snow Day

We had a Snow Day about 2 weeks ago and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it. No school was a big deal for John Lawrence-he loved the idea of skipping school to play all day. Mac lasted all of 10 minutes, then he was all done. John Lawrence was out for about an hour then came inside for some hot chocolate. 

JL begged Mac to come outside and play some more, but he said no.  Thinking fast,  JL invited Parker a neighborhood friend and also classmate to come over. Parker stayed the entire day and they boys were outside for about 2 1/2 hours straight. They had a ball! I was so glad JL had a friend to play in the snow with him.

John Lawrence is happy go lucky and really has a zest for life. He is always smiling and loves to have a good time.He loves to try new things and explore.


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Jan Walker said...

I love these babies. They looked so warm in their snow clothes.