Pirate JL

Silly pictures of JL

School project

I am late in posting, but here is JL's first school project that we made at home (homework). He was so proud of it. He had to present it to his class and talk and describe each picture.


A weekend of football

Mason and the boys went to Spartanburg for a boy's weekend. I was in Kentucky (see previous post) for the weekend. They started out at the Byrnes High School football game. Larry went to the game as well. They sat near Amber (her blog http://thedaysofkatiejo.blogspot.com/) and her family, they went to high school together. Thanks for the pictures Amber!

The next day Mason, Pop and John Lawrence went to see the South Carolina Gamecocks play in Columbia. Mac stayed with Mammy for the day. Thank goodness! They had a great time; however, our team lost.

John Lawrence loves to find Cocky-always a
highlight at the games.

Notice the score-SC was winning at the time
of picture

Mason saw this shirt and could not resist-
Grateful Dead and Gamecocks together.

By the way we are not Georgia Bulldog fans!!! Don't ever wonder if we are just because we live in the state. It will never happen. We pull for who ever they are playing on Saturdays.


I was out of town last weekend in Kentucky for my step-mom's surprise 50th bday party. We had a great time and my dad pulled out all the stops for Diane. It was a wonderful party with catered food, open bar and their favorite musician! I even danced a couple of times!

We also got to see Bob and Carol (step-grandparents). I love them and don't get to see them often. I will post a picture later after we get them back. Gregory had a professional photographer friend take some pictures of us all. It was great because it has been years since we had any taken. Thanks Gregory!!

Another treat was hanging out with Allison and Gregory. It has been such a long time since the three of us spent time together without kids and such...

It was a fabulous weekend!
Thanks Mason for keeping the boys....


Here comes trouble

The boys have a blast on this plasma car. Santa Claus brought it to John Lawrence last year and Mac absolutely loves it!!!!

Mac has come into our room at 3-4-and-5:00 am in the morning a few times when he first moved to his big boy bed on this thing! You could just hear wheels rolling onto the floor.


First Day of 4 yr old Preschool 2008

John Lawrence started his first day of 4 year old preschool at Celebration Academy on Tuesday. This is his second year here. He goes to school Monday- Thursday from 9-1 pm. He loves it! He had a great first week of school!