What I wore

What I wore: Mac Edition

There are some blogs (girls) out in blog land that post what they wear each week for everyone to see. I could never do that as my clothes are not interesting or exciting enough to write a post about them. Mac, on the other hand, is another story. He is absolutely the worst dresser I have ever seen. This started last year when he became obsessed with his pajamas. He would typically change them 4 times a day (that is not including when he went to bed) and I was fine with that because you can't wear pj's out. Now the clothes obsession has turned to everyday clothes. He changes multiple times a day and this includes socks and underwear too.  I still could handle it if they were decent clothes, but just take a look at the pictures below and you will get an idea of a typical outfit that he thinks is perfect. We fight over clothes every single day! This consumes our mornings and afternoons!

He now has found a love for shoes and all I can say is it is worse than clothes. These are his exact words: "I love shoes more than anything in the whole wide world". I will do another post on shoes. It is that good or ridiculous.

Dress up like a character in a book day

John Lawrence wanted to dress up in his Karate outfit for school to show his friends he takes Karate and that he is on his third belt, (yellow belt) so we went to the library to find a karate book. We found one and he was so excited! Here is a shot before school this morning.

Mac's Halloween Party at school

Mac's Halloween party was yesterday at school. He dressed up as Superman. He had a great time at his party. The kids were adorable!


Painting Pumpkins

When Mac woke up to John Lawrence's awesome Shark pumpkin he had to get in on the action and paint a pumpkin too. Here is his masterpiece.


Shark Pumpkin

This past Friday night~  JL, Mason and I worked on a school project. It was to pick your favorite book and decorate a pumpkin as one of the characters. John Lawrence picked the book Hungry Hungry Sharks! We had a blast working on this pumpkin together. We waited until Mac fell asleep so that we could do it without any distractions. We had a great time and JL was pleased with the outcome.

I helped him carry it into school on Monday and the kids were so excited to see it and thought his was super cool. He was so proud of his shark pumpkin.

I took Mac to JL's school today (JL was allowed to get out of class and join us) so we could look at all the 1st grade pumpkins in the hallway. Then we went to the library where the Kindergarten through Fifth grade classes each decorated a pumpkin and they were on display and you could vote for your favorite class pumpkin. I helped JL's class with their pumpkin last week. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was really cute. Friday is dress up like a character day. Not sure yet what JL plans to go as. There will be pictures for sure.

Yellow Stripe to Yellow

John Lawrence completed his Yellow Belt test in Karate two weeks ago. He was a Yellow Stripe belt. He was nervous at the beginning, then settled down and really enjoyed showing off skills. He wants to practice and work toward next belt, which is Orange Stripe. He is motivated and doing something he loves! Good job John Lawrence!

Here are two videos from the test.

Wordless Wednesday


Picking a Pumpkin

We ended up picking out 4 pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Two for each of them~2 big and 2 little ones.

On our way out of the parking lot we saw two "gamecocks" roosters that we decided were our good luck charms and it would help us beat Alabama that night for the football game. It must of worked. Carolina won the game, but unfortunately lost the next weekend against Kentucky.


Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend at Washington Farms and had a wonderful fall day. We love Washington Farms! There are so many activities for the kids to enjoy there. You almost forget the purpose of the trip is to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Here was our list of to do's while we were there.

hay ride, check out tractors, take pictures for mom, jumping pillow, cow train, pig races, corn cannon, pumpkin slingshot, Vortex (makes you dizzy), corn maze (first time going through it), slides, bike-tricycles, and so much more. You literally stay for hours. I will post our pumpkin picking pictures in the next post. Going to Washington Farms is a treat and we look forward to going every year. It is family tradition for sure ~this was our 3rd year here.


Henry came bringing treats

The Pangle's brought Mac some treats the day after he broke his arm to make him feel better and let me tell you it worked. If you know Mac then you know he loves candy and blockbuster, so this was the best gift in the world. Ellen said Henry was worried about Mac, so it was so sweet that he brought it over for his best buddy.

Mac was in heaven! He typically eats all of his candy on the first day, but I had to talk to him about saving some and sharing some. He let JL have some (which never happens) and I think this all lasted for about 5 days. That is a record in our house.

From this to that

Mac went from this to that last Thursday! He picked the color and we went straight to school after his appointment to show his friends. He likes to show it off so, hopefully the newness won't wear off too soon.