Ice Skating

We went ice skating last week to try and squeeze a little bit more out of Christmas and the season ~and it worked! The boys loved it and Mason was a great teacher. Aunt Martha Jan met us there and again no pictures of her or I, but I promise we were there too.

Mac tried skating last year and only went around the rink once and this year he went around many times. Such an improvement! After ice skating he got skittles at the concession stand~surprise surprise and would not share that huge bag with anyone. JL and Dad skated until the session was over and you could tell from the smile on his face had a wonderful time. The boys wore themselves out and fell asleep on the way home. We love going downtown, so any excuse we can to go we use it. I see many zoo visits in our future.



Snow day in Spartanburg....Christmas day it started snowing and by the next morning there was enough to play in for a few hours.


Spend the night party at Aunt Martha Jan's

The boys (John Lawrence, Mac, Walker and Henry) all spent the night at Aunt Martha Jan's on December 19th. Go to her blog to see all they got into because she really captured the party. Thanks so much for the memories! The boys can't wait until the spring. Aunt Martha Jan wants them to come back for round 2 in the Spring and bring their bikes. Mac is so crazy about Martha Jan he slept in her bed over Christmas. So sweet!


Christmas Day 2010

The boys woke up around 7:45 and were so excited to come down stairs and see what they got from Santa. Mac slept with Aunt Martha Jan and JL slept with gran Jan and Pop. They were so excited and happy with their toys. John Lawrence's favorite was the electric Razor Scooter and Mac's was his work shirt and tie. It snowed later on in the day and was so pretty. It was a wonderful Christmas with lots of family time.
John Lawrence's stash

Mac's stash
Shared stash

Snowing on Christmas Day


Christmas Eve 2010

We spent Christmas in Spartanburg as we do every year (tradition) and had a wonderful time.Here is our Christmas Eve in pictures. Aunt Martha  Jan was there too, but somehow she is not in any picutures. Will have to do better next year.

waiting on santa on the firetruck~he comes every year and it starts off the day

opening family gifts
boys got a Atlanta Zoo membership from Gran Jan and Pop

telling each other thank you for their gifts

JL and Mac got GranJan bubble as a gag gift. She loved it as did the boys


 Mac got Pop some bungy cords

cookies and mik for santa and cheese for santa mouse


Polar Express

Jan and Larry got our family tickets to go on the Polar Express train ride in North Carolina on December 23rd. It was magical! We all had a great time and it really got us into the Christmas spirit. We started the night off eating dinner with Jan and Larry and the Pangles'. They also went on the train ride as well. The pictures tell the story and I can't say enough great things about the train ride~ it was truly magical! Thanks Jan and Larry!

Checking out the train museum

waiting on the train