Ice Skating

We went ice skating last week to try and squeeze a little bit more out of Christmas and the season ~and it worked! The boys loved it and Mason was a great teacher. Aunt Martha Jan met us there and again no pictures of her or I, but I promise we were there too.

Mac tried skating last year and only went around the rink once and this year he went around many times. Such an improvement! After ice skating he got skittles at the concession stand~surprise surprise and would not share that huge bag with anyone. JL and Dad skated until the session was over and you could tell from the smile on his face had a wonderful time. The boys wore themselves out and fell asleep on the way home. We love going downtown, so any excuse we can to go we use it. I see many zoo visits in our future.

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Mama said...

That last one is the best. I can't believe Mac! You couldn't have picked a better name for that kid.