What motivates him

Mac loves school, but he is also very competitive and this is what drives him to want to go to school everyday.  Musician of the Day Awards are like trophies! The music teacher picks one child a day to receive this award and Mac loves to get it. The music teacher and his 2 classroom teachers have talked to me about it and they say Mac gets upset if the teacher gives it to someone other than him. He tries his best every time and they say he sings, dances, claps etc, ~whatever it takes to get the award. He has gotten the award 4 times this year! Every time he does not get it, I hear about it the minute I pick him up. He really is a crazy kid!

I got a note home from one of Mac's teacher today that melted my heart. He really is a sweet boy and so independent! His teachers tell me often that  he is a great helper and uses his manners, but it is the little notes that they send home when they don't have to that make me smile and gives us (moms and dads) reassurance that we are doing something right.We were so proud of this one.


Game Ball

John Lawrence received the game ball last week. He was very excited about it and really had a good game! He hit off the coach's pitch and did a great job at listening to his coaches through out the game. Good job JL!


When we are in town there are always places we go to make us feel like we (I) have come home. This list has changed over the years, now that I have kids the antique stores and other stores have changed and some kid friendly parks have been added, but over all some places never change. I love where I grew up and really miss the water more than you can imagine. I can't imagine growing up any place else.
  1. We go the the landing (1st couple of pictures) it is in my parents neighborhood.
  2. Waterfront park ~kid park, waterfront, restaurants and stores
  3. Pigeon Point Park~also in my parents neighborhood
  4. Chocolate Tree~ best candy store on earth
  5. Upper Crust~Great Pizza joint
  6. Go see Jenny~We met at a restaurant and stayed there talking for 3 hours
John Lawrence has so many questions about death at the moment, so when we passed by The National Cemetery we had to drive through it not 2 times, but 3 times during our trip. I am trying to answer all of his answers honestly, but in a non scary way.  I know what I say will have a lasting impression on him, so I really try and think things through before I answer his many questions. The last two pictures are of the beautiful cemetery.

Mom thanks for the wonderful trip!

Hunting Island Beach

We went to Beaufort to see my mom over Spring Break. Ron was out of town in North Carolina during the week and we certainly missed him. The weather was perfect, so we spent one day at the beach. Nana and I were wrapped in towels because of the wind, but the boys did not mind at all. They loved it! Who says you can't going swimming in the ocean the first week of April!

Easter Sunday

We spent Easter at Mason's parents house in Spartanburg. We went to church and then went to Jerry's farm for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. The weather was perfect! After this trip, we were headed to Beaufort to see my mom.


Easter~Family Pictures~

(Ellen and Martha Jane ~Do you see Mason holding up his finger to show #1? He had to put that in there just for you both)

Mac's Easter Party

Mac had an Easter party the week of Easter at his school.The class was so cute! I love both of his teachers~ Ms. Mandy and Ms. Michelle have been wonderful to Mac this year.


Firework Birthday Party

                       John Lawrence knew exactly what kind of party he wanted for his 6th birthday.

He wanted it here (Jerry's Farm in Spartanburg)

                                     Had to go with Red, White and Blue for this Firework Party

Cousins and brothers

A pinata was on the list for sure

These were glow bracelets, necklaces and by the end of the night a frisbee

Fireworks cake

Fire pit and S'mores

And lastly an awesome Fireworks show (gift from GranJan and Pop)

He told us all of the parts that would make up his party. That is his personality ~ he knows what he wants and the details were important to him. He even wanted gold plates (they were gold paper plates) for the meal and cake. That was important to him because he wanted a fancy party. 
This party was exactly what he wanted and I think he had a blast. He had all of his family there and what is more important than that. Thank you everyone for traveling to come to John Lawrence's birthday party.It was one for the books for sure.