When we are in town there are always places we go to make us feel like we (I) have come home. This list has changed over the years, now that I have kids the antique stores and other stores have changed and some kid friendly parks have been added, but over all some places never change. I love where I grew up and really miss the water more than you can imagine. I can't imagine growing up any place else.
  1. We go the the landing (1st couple of pictures) it is in my parents neighborhood.
  2. Waterfront park ~kid park, waterfront, restaurants and stores
  3. Pigeon Point Park~also in my parents neighborhood
  4. Chocolate Tree~ best candy store on earth
  5. Upper Crust~Great Pizza joint
  6. Go see Jenny~We met at a restaurant and stayed there talking for 3 hours
John Lawrence has so many questions about death at the moment, so when we passed by The National Cemetery we had to drive through it not 2 times, but 3 times during our trip. I am trying to answer all of his answers honestly, but in a non scary way.  I know what I say will have a lasting impression on him, so I really try and think things through before I answer his many questions. The last two pictures are of the beautiful cemetery.

Mom thanks for the wonderful trip!

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