What motivates him

Mac loves school, but he is also very competitive and this is what drives him to want to go to school everyday.  Musician of the Day Awards are like trophies! The music teacher picks one child a day to receive this award and Mac loves to get it. The music teacher and his 2 classroom teachers have talked to me about it and they say Mac gets upset if the teacher gives it to someone other than him. He tries his best every time and they say he sings, dances, claps etc, ~whatever it takes to get the award. He has gotten the award 4 times this year! Every time he does not get it, I hear about it the minute I pick him up. He really is a crazy kid!

I got a note home from one of Mac's teacher today that melted my heart. He really is a sweet boy and so independent! His teachers tell me often that  he is a great helper and uses his manners, but it is the little notes that they send home when they don't have to that make me smile and gives us (moms and dads) reassurance that we are doing something right.We were so proud of this one.

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