Playing with Gran Jan

Gran Jan, Pop and Mammy came in town this weekend. It was Henry's bithday party weekend and they babysat for us so Mason and I could go out for our Anniversary date. We took the boys to the Dollar Store with the money that Mammy and Jan gave them and JL came back with Silly String, Bow and Arrow, Hula Hoop and Water Ballons. Mac bought a Incredible Hulk toothbrush, Gummi Bears, Hula Hoop,  and a Big Ball. Of course water balloons were high on the list and Jan got in on the action. It started out innocent enough. Larry was the water filler and Jan was tying the balloons. JL tricked Jan and nailed her and then both boys proceeded to chase and soak her. She is always such a great sport and willing to get wet, dirty or whatever with the boys. She is awesome!


Nettie's House

We went to Nettie's house last week and had a ball! My kids love my best friend Ashley's kids (Luke and Lauren). They are the same age and get along great. I have said before all the great things there are to do at Nettie's house, but I wanted to let you know what she means to us. Jennette is such a wise soul and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I have known her since 1994 and she makes me feel like I am one of her own.

Over the years she has become someone that is more like a friend and less like my friend's mom that is an amazing cook :). I told Mason that over the last few visits, I see her more and more hanging out with us girls or hanging out with the kids and that is exactly where she should be. I love bouncing ideas off of her and our many conversations. Our family loves Jennette and Dan so much! Thank you so much for opening your home to us every year!

Nettie and Mac

Luke and JL

Lauren the princess

JL, Ella, Mac and Luke

A Get Well party for Ella that turned into a get crazy with cake on your face party

Literally -cake on your face

Group shot


Ice Cream date on the front porch swing

Mac's future wife


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Mason~ It has been a wonderful and easy 12 years with you by my side. I am so happy I married my best friend. You are a wonderful husband and father!
                                                                    I love you,

Father's Day

This year John Lawrence and I knew exactly what we wanted to get Mason for Father's Day. JL wanted to get him some car wash stuff (tire shine, armour all, glass cleaner) and I wanted to get him a trailer for his mower. JL and Mason put the trailer together and they had a grat time doing it. JL stayed with him through the entire process and was so sweet to him. Mason said it was his best Father's Day yet!

                                                                We love you Daddy!

Spend the Night Party

Walker and Henry spent the night at our house about 2 weeks ago and the boys had a blast! This is what the playroom looked like within the first hour they were here. They played on the trampoline, the ride on toys and lots of wii time. The older boys stayed up until 11:00 and the little boys were up until 9:30. We ate pizza for dinner and basically did whatever they wanted to do. They loved every minute of it!

Grandpa and Grandma came for a visit

Grandpa, Grandma and Gracie (dog) came for a visit during the middle of June. They came in their camper, which the boys loved. They wanted to eat snacks in the camper and go for a drive. We ended up going to Bass Pro Shop, so we had to take the camper. It was really cool. We had a great visit! Thanks  for coming to see us~We love you!


Cousins and Jumping

The boy's cousins came into town about 2 weekends ago along with my sister, Allison. Our husbands went on a guy's camping trip so the Dupler's came to our house. We went to the pool, jumped and jumped some more on our trampoline. I bought the trampoline the night before they arrived from a neighbor (yard sale for $50 bucks) of mine and it was the hit all weekend long.

My sister and I decided to make a craft with our Christmas cards from previous years. I will show them on a different post. We got the idea from one of my favorite blogs,  Clover Lane. We did them and they look great! We had to go the Hobby Lobby and Michaels to get supplies and the boys wanted to make a craft too, so they came home with treasure box banks and wooden banks and some paint.

The kids on the trampoline with JL are our neighbors, Gavin and his sister Simone (who JL calls Sibone and Mac calls Ms. Bone). They also have another sister named Alania. The older girls play with the boys too, which is nice having two sets of mother hen eyes especially on Mac. They are a great kids and we are happy they all get along so well.



Pool Days and Slip In Slide Fun

We are enjoying many days at the pool already. The boys can't get enough of it. Mac started the summer wearing a vest and I was so happy (last year he hated a vest), now he says that Daddy and JL taught him how to swim, so he wears it only a few minutes at a time. He is much better at swimming this year though. We are going to our yearly swimming lessons week in Chapin, South Carolina in about 2 weeks and I really think it will be great for Mac.

Baseball Champions

John Lawrence's baseball team (Dodgers) won the Championship in their division. Mason and I can't say enough about the coaches, kids and parents this season. We had a great group and they played hard and learned so much! JL and Mac are really into baseball and are practicing every single day. Both boys will play in the Fall. Mac is so excited too. The team had their team party at the Gwinnett Braves baseball stadium. Mason took JL so I have no pictures, but they had a great time.