Nettie's House

We went to Nettie's house last week and had a ball! My kids love my best friend Ashley's kids (Luke and Lauren). They are the same age and get along great. I have said before all the great things there are to do at Nettie's house, but I wanted to let you know what she means to us. Jennette is such a wise soul and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I have known her since 1994 and she makes me feel like I am one of her own.

Over the years she has become someone that is more like a friend and less like my friend's mom that is an amazing cook :). I told Mason that over the last few visits, I see her more and more hanging out with us girls or hanging out with the kids and that is exactly where she should be. I love bouncing ideas off of her and our many conversations. Our family loves Jennette and Dan so much! Thank you so much for opening your home to us every year!

Nettie and Mac

Luke and JL

Lauren the princess

JL, Ella, Mac and Luke

A Get Well party for Ella that turned into a get crazy with cake on your face party

Literally -cake on your face

Group shot


Ice Cream date on the front porch swing

Mac's future wife


Mama said...

These are the days we will miss when we are old women! Thank God for precious friends, sweet children and wonderful Mamas who can cook!

Jennette said...

Thank you Kim...I can only wonder if I am worthy of such sweet sentiments. I don't have to wonder, however, about your being one of our own. You are very dear to us---and Mason and the boys. What you don't realize is how many times I seek your opinion on things and how I value your insight. Thanks for your friendship and for making such beautiful memories happen for me each summer. I hope with all my heart that these times never end.
I love you all.