Family Pictures

We took family pictures with Audrey Noe this spring at Little Mulberry Park. This was the second time she has taken pictures for us. The boys do such a great job posing and being patient with Audrey. Here are some of the pictures.





Grandma and Grandpa Visit and the Aquarium

One day after we got home from the beach Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. I got to spend some good quality time with them the first night at an adult only dinner. The following day they treated us to a day at the Georgia Aquarium. We had not been in a six years. The boys loved it as did I! Afterward we ate at The Varsity. Again so good and something we had never done after all these years here in Atlanta. It was a fun visit and I am so glad I got to see Dad and Diane. Thanks for coming for a visit!


One thing to take home

JL and Mac love to pick out one thing to buy and take home from the beach. Mason went to play golf one morning and I took the boys to find their one thing. After four stores, two hours and an ice cream cone here are their treasures.

JL~ knife
Mac~ shark in a jar


Beach Week

This year we went on the annual Walker family beach trip in May instead of July. It was wonderful! We actually rented a different house this year. It had an extra bedroom for the boys that was so large they kind of used it as a playroom as well. The weather was mild and South Carolina's schools were still in session, so that meant no crowds. We have already planned our week for next year. Same house and same week! Thanks Jan and Larry for a wonderful family week at the beach!