Ice Skating with Dad

We always take the boys Ice Skating the week between Christmas and New Years. We make a day of it. We go into the city, see Aunt Martha Jane and eat lunch. Mason always skates and I always take the pictures. It works out good. A good time was had by all.





Mason took control of the Gingerbread house building this year. He showed me up! I always have to use a glue gun to make it stay together, but not Mason. He used icing and it turned out great! I was really impressed. Guess who can do that from now on every year.

Another thing we did one night was surprise the boys at bed time with a ticket to go and look at Christmas lights complete with hot chocolate and popcorn. It was fun and will definitely be a new yearly tradition.


Christmas 2012

Here is our Christmas 2012 in pictures. We had a relaxing Christmas in Spartanburg this year. We went up on Sunday afternoon and the days flew by. It was a wonderful couple of days and something we look forward to every year.


Christmas around the house

Yes it is the last two days of January and I am just now getting the rest of Christmas up on the blog. It is for my blog book (Our family yearbook), so it must be done. Skip if you need to.

We switched to colored lights this year on our family Christmas tree for the boys and I can happily saw we all loved it! It made them so happy! We should have done it years ago.