Mac's actual birthday~November 29th~ 6 Years old

Mason was out of town on a business trip on Mac's actual birthday until around 9:30 that night. He started the day out with Cricket in his room holding candles, opening gifts, going to school ~I brought in cupcakes for the class and ate lunch with him. After school we went to Spartanburg and Gran Jan and Pop had dinner ready for us. Mammy, Grandma Walker and Aunt Wee Wee came over to eat too. Then we went to the airport and picked up Mason who was flying in from Chicago. We had a great day and Mac and JL got to spend the weekend with Gran Jan and Pop. Mason and I went to Hendersonville, NC for the weekend.

Here are 6 things we don't want to forget about Mac at this age.

1. He loves clothes. No I mean he really loves clothes. That was pretty much all he asked for his birthday and now Christmas.

2. He changes clothes multiple times a day. Again he loves clothes.

3. He loves Chef Boyardee Spaghetti O's

4. He is playing basketball this winter season and is really enjoying it,

5. He loves school and was awarded Student of the Month for the month of October. He loves math and is really good at.

6. I love his spunk and determination. He never gives up and brings so much energy and fire to our house.

We love you Mac!

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