Yellow to Orange Stripe Belt

John Lawrence tested for his next belt a week and half ago. He passed! He was so proud and confident of his abilities and of course Mason and I were so proud of him too. He loves karate and I think it is something he will continue for years to come.

Good Job John Lawrence!

Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool

Mac's preschool class had a Thanksgiving Feast and parents were invited. The kids made a craft and we had a lunch together. Mac liked showing me his artwork and his sweet friends. The turkey cupcakes were a huge hit~ the kids loved them.

Mac's 4th Birthday Party

Mac had his 4th birthday party this year at INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids). It is a wonderful kids museum that features a grocery store, diner, bank, hospital, dentist office, vet, a real~airplane, firetruck, and police car to name a few. The kids loved it! Mac loved his party and all the friends and family that came. He even had 2 friends from school come. That was a first! We had the party about 2 weeks before his actual birthday because of Thanksgiving. He did not mind at all. His birthday has been extended and will stretch over 3 weeks.


Super Mario Brothers Cake

Mac chose to have a Super Mario Brothers party for his 4th birthday. So first things first~the cake. I called Kim @ Kim's Cakes two months to the day before the party to confirm that she could make his cake. After she said yes, then I knew the date was confirmed. The cake was awesome and Mac could not have been happier! She asked what his favorite character was and what was his favorite world ~ she took it from there. It was perfect!


Cast be gone

Mac got his cast off last Thursday afternoon. He was nervous about it during the week and wanted to keep it on forever. That morning, I reminded him of all the great things he could do after he got it off. He was most excited about riding his bike and taking lots of baths.

He was scared of hurting his arm the first 2 days and now he likes to exercise it show us how far he can bend it. We are happy with the outcome and know soon he will be able to use it at 100% soon. Unsure if he is right or left handed at this point~time will tell. He plays sports with his left hand, but does everything else with both hands.

Halloween Night

The Pangle's came to our house Halloween night to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. The boys had a great time and got a ton of candy. John Lawrence got 183 pieces of candy to be exact (had to count them for school). I forgot my camera in Chapin, so these are the only pictures we have of the night. We had a great time together!

Carving Pumpkins

This is the first year JL was really able to help Mason carve the pumpkin. In previous years, JL would pick out the design and help clean out the pumpkin,but then Mason would carve it. This year JL was able to get in on the action. He did a good job!


Hammock Love

We went to Chapin to visit The Perrucci's a month ago and had a relaxing time while the kids played outside the entire time. It was wonderful! Mac and Lauren get along great and spent some time bonding in the hammock. I am trying to get this arranged marriage sealed early on.