Santa at the Mall

John Lawrence and Mac went to the mall to see Santa. John Lawrence wanted to tell Santa that he wanted a race track. He forgot to tell him at the library. So, both boys fell asleep in the car and I (along with Mason) dragged them out and made them see Santa immediately. I was worried the line would get long if we went and played first. So, this is what we got. Both boys wanted nothing to do with Santa and would not even talk or smile at him.

The picture at the library was truly priceless!!! I am so glad we got it.


Visiting Santa at the Library

Here is a picture of the boys that made it in the local newspaper. John Lawrence was so excited to listen to the story and sit on Santa's lap. Big difference from last year!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Here are some pictures of the boys decorating the Christmas tree. John Lawrence is so excited about Christmas this year he can't get enough!!! It has been such a treat to watch him experience it all!

Mac turns ONE!

We celebrated Mac's birthday on November 17th, but his true day was November 29th. He had a great birthday that last for 12 days thanks to big brother John Lawrence. We had to celebrate many times in between!

The next few are on his actual birthday. He was trying out a new toy with the help of JL. The last picture is on Mac thinking about eating a cupcake. He had a lick or two and then decided he did not want it.