JL lost his first tooth

John Lawrence lost his first tooth on March 10, 2010. He lost it at school and his teacher was so sweet to send it home in a little bag with the information on it. He was so proud of himself and said it did not hurt at all. He was wiggling the tooth at his desk and it just fell out. He is now waiting for the rest of them to start falling out.

Mac is obsessed with his teeth now and tells everyone "he has a loose tooth and JL lost a tooth". The tooth fairy came to our house and left 5 one dollar bills ~John Lawrence was so excited! I made the tooth fairy box out of an Altoids can, (Ellen gave me the idea) so easy to make.

First game of the season

John Lawrence had his first baseball game of the season a couple of weeks ago. He is on the LA Dodgers this year. The coach and assistants are teaching JL so much! We are so happy to be involved in such a great group of people, that are so passionate about kids. The season started out cold, but I can finally see the warmer weather coming and I am looking forward to the many practices and games these next few months. Mac is a trooper and goes to most of the practices and all the games. He is happy with a bag of toys and some skittles always help :)


Just like Daddy

Mac dresses himself every morning and every night~It is his job. I lay JL's clothes out for him every night and used to with Mac until he let me know that it is not my job, but his. We disagree on most mornings about putting on a long sleeve shirt instead of his favorite short sleeve tees. Where is Spring/Summer when you need it? Last week, I cleaned out his clothes drawer to get out all the clothes that I did not want to see him in ever again, because remember I have no choice in the matter. It has definitely eliminated some fights this week. 

On this particular morning he woke up and went to get dressed (he always locks his door)  and came out saying he wanted to look like Daddy. If you know Mason ~this is weekend attire in the summer. A tie dye t-shirt, shorts, hat and teva sandals. It was very cute! Mac is smart because he knew that it was too cold for a t-shirt and sandals, so he thought if he said he wanted to look like daddy I would let him wear it! Did I let him wear it? We compromised with a white long sleeve shirt under his t-shirt and white socks under his  sandals (like Pop) around the house, then he had to change into his tennis shoes to leave the house. 

**Mason bought Mac a new pair of tennis shoes last week, but they were too big, so yesterday I exchanged them for a smaller size. I asked Mac to wear them last night and this morning and he said no "I don't like them, I want some blue, white and black sneakers". Guess what we are doing this afternoon~ going back to Stride Rite and letting Mac pick out a new pair of shoes. The only rule is no characters.  I can't stomach that!!** He is a handful, but I love his BIG personality and I try to remember to embrace it  and remember he really is a lot like myself! We know what we want!

Happy in the 1st picture because his hat is on backwards~ not so happy in the 2nd picture

Yelllow River Game Ranch

About 3 weeks ago, we went to Yellow River Game Ranch in Stone Mountain and had a wonderful time.
This is what they say on their website and we totally agree: Stroll along a mile-long trail on 24 wooded acres and encounter over six hundred highly sociable birds and animals indigenous to the state of Georgia. White-tailed deer, bunnies, buffalo, sheep, kid goats, black bears and a bevy of new-born animals are waiting to be fed, admired and petted on a "nose-to-nose" basis. We specialize in "people-friendly" wildlife.

The boys had a blast and it was Mason's first time there. He was surprised at all the animals and he loved the squirrel. It followed us around for a long time. We love it and will go back again in the spring to hopefully see some new babies.