JL lost his first tooth

John Lawrence lost his first tooth on March 10, 2010. He lost it at school and his teacher was so sweet to send it home in a little bag with the information on it. He was so proud of himself and said it did not hurt at all. He was wiggling the tooth at his desk and it just fell out. He is now waiting for the rest of them to start falling out.

Mac is obsessed with his teeth now and tells everyone "he has a loose tooth and JL lost a tooth". The tooth fairy came to our house and left 5 one dollar bills ~John Lawrence was so excited! I made the tooth fairy box out of an Altoids can, (Ellen gave me the idea) so easy to make.

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Bringing Home to the City said...

Cute idea for his tooth fairy box! One day I will steal these ideas from you and Ellen! So sweet of his teacher to send the tooth home with the cute note!