Yelllow River Game Ranch

About 3 weeks ago, we went to Yellow River Game Ranch in Stone Mountain and had a wonderful time.
This is what they say on their website and we totally agree: Stroll along a mile-long trail on 24 wooded acres and encounter over six hundred highly sociable birds and animals indigenous to the state of Georgia. White-tailed deer, bunnies, buffalo, sheep, kid goats, black bears and a bevy of new-born animals are waiting to be fed, admired and petted on a "nose-to-nose" basis. We specialize in "people-friendly" wildlife.

The boys had a blast and it was Mason's first time there. He was surprised at all the animals and he loved the squirrel. It followed us around for a long time. We love it and will go back again in the spring to hopefully see some new babies.  


Jan Walker said...

love, love, love. These are things they will always remember. Funny about Mason and the "squirt" as he used to call squirrels. I have a story about that - surprised?

Kim said...

Love these pics Kim. What a great place! Love that squirrel too, and WOW.... what a large rabbit.LOL!