Our first time

We went 4 wheeling for the first time this week. It was more than the boys could ever have imagined. They loved it!
John Lawrence is just as we thought he would be. Level headed and uses good judgement as to which path to take. Mac on the other hand, is just like we thought he would be. Daring, quick to ride, moves before he thinks of the best path. Granted he is 5, but Mason has his work cut out for him!! It was truly so much fun and I even rode them both a little too.

The boys are both asking when we are going out to ride again. Mason could not be happier.


man toy

This is Mason's new toy. They are so excited about this new adventure!


boy toy

This week Mason surprised the boys with a 4 Wheeler! Mason told the boys we would get one in a couple of months, but surprised them this week. John Lawrence rode with Mason to pick it up and they surprised Mac with it when they got home. He was so excited! Mason is also planning on getting himself a 4Wheeler and then the fun starts. They first need to learn some safety tips, lessons, helmets, chest plates and more. It will be a process, but the boys (Mason, JL and Mac) are so excited!



Tomorrow starts the beginning of the New Year in my eyes. John Lawrence goes back to school. Mason goes back to work. Mac starts school on Wednesday. Tomorrow I start getting the house back in order after the Christmas Holidays and start working on my New Years goals. Exercising and Organization are at the top of my list this year.

Today we slept late, had a friend sleepover, ate pancakes and bacon for breakfast and played until it was time to go to Monkey Joe's. There the boys played some more. I am ready for tomorrow, but it sure has been a fun 2 weeks off of school and everyday life.

I am ready for 2012!