boy toy

This week Mason surprised the boys with a 4 Wheeler! Mason told the boys we would get one in a couple of months, but surprised them this week. John Lawrence rode with Mason to pick it up and they surprised Mac with it when they got home. He was so excited! Mason is also planning on getting himself a 4Wheeler and then the fun starts. They first need to learn some safety tips, lessons, helmets, chest plates and more. It will be a process, but the boys (Mason, JL and Mac) are so excited!


Mama Rucci said...

Seriously? I thought you were kidding. Ugh! The pressure! Looks like you'll be pulling a trailer behind you for swim lessons this year!

Kim said...

Can you believe it! Mason and the boys are so excited. You know they asked if they can take it to Nettie's house. They want to ride it over the bridge.