Last year for Christmas, Gran Jan and Pop bought the boys a year membership to the Zoo. We have enjoyed it so much. It is expiring at the end of this month, so Mason was playing golf  on a Sunday and I decided to take the boys and JL's friend~Dylan to the Zoo for the day. We ended the day by stopping at Martha Jane and Ben's house to see their new dog Keva and seeing their new house that they just moved into last weekend. They live in Grant Park which is the neighborhood that surrounds the zoo. Their new house is beautiful and oozes charm. It is perfect for them.

The boys loved Keva! She is such a good dog!


Spend the night

Mac invited Henry to spend the night with him about 2 weeks ago and they had a sweet time together. John Lawrence was spending the night at his friend Dylan's house and Walker was not here either. The boys felt so big without their brothers around. We started the night with a ride on the 4-Wheeler (Henry's first time) and then went to get ice cream and ended the night by watching a movie at the house.


Spring Break Part 3

On Tuesday of Spring Break, I met Gran Jan and Pop to give them the boys for the rest of the week. Walker and Henry were coming on the next day and everyone was so excited. They did the usual fun stuff while they were there:  feed horses, go out on the boat, tubing and many golf cart rides. Some new things were going to Hollywild Zoo and built bird houses. Thanks Gran Jan and Pop~ the boys had a great time!


Spring Break Part 2

During the week of Spring Break, we started out 4-Wheeling then met my parents at Tallulah Gorge State Park for a couple of days of camping. The weather was perfect and our campsite was close to the playground. The boys did not want to leave! It was very relaxing and so nice to see Grandma and Grandpa. On the last day the boys asked to stay one more night-they did not want to leave. Thanks for coming to visit us!


Spring Break Part 1

Mason took off of work on a Friday which was the first day of the boys Spring Break about 2 weeks ago. They went 4-Wheeling in Durhamtown and they had a great time! Here are some phone pictures of the day that Mason took. I stayed home and had a relaxing quiet day.



The boys came home from Gran Jan and  Pop's house the day before Easter. We went to church and then Ellen and her family came over for lunch and an egg hunt. It was a great family day!