Mac's 4 year Checkup

Mac went to his 4 year checkup last week (Jan. 18th). We are always about a month or two behind schedule due to insurance reasons. This was a big appointment for Mac. He had to give a urine sample, get his finger pricked, get 3 shots and had his vision and hearing checked. He did great and he was so proud of himself for peeing in the cup, that he got me to take a picture of it so I could show Daddy.

His doctor was pleased with his stats and he passed his hearing and vision tests. He was upset about getting 3 shots, so Mason took Mac to get a new belt. He had been asking for a new belt for weeks, so they went to eat at ChickFil A and Target that night.

I always like to pull the stats for JL to see how they compare to Mac. JL was a little bigger than Mac at this age.They go back and forth so I never know until I see the numbers.

Mac's Stats
Weight 43lbs (91%)
Height 43 1/4 (93%)

John Lawrence's Stats
Weight 45lbs  (94%)
Height 44 in  (97%)


100th day of school

John Lawrence was assigned a project to represent the 100th day of school. He had to collect and bring in 100 items. It could be anything and he could display them any way he liked.

Last week when we were up to our eyeballs in snow for days on end I was dreaming of being at the beach (we were going to Edisto on Friday), so I knew it was going to happen. I asked JL if he wanted to collect shells and he loved the idea. On the beach we were walking around and it hit me lets make a wind chime. We ended up collecting 110 shells to be on the safeside and some pieces of wood to hang the shells from. we made two windchimes and John Lawrence could not be happier with his project.

Today is actually the 100th day of school for John Lawrence and he says they are having a party. How fun!

Edisto Beach

After a week of snow we headed to Edisto Beach with Nana and Grandad. To the say the boys had fun would be an understatement.  They had a great time! They got to walk on the beach and collect shells, go swimming in an indoor pool and hang out with their cousin Kathryn. It was a perfect weekend trip.


I needed this....

Nana and Grandad invited us to join them at Edisto Beach last weekend. It was just what I needed.

 It is always like a breath of fresh air for me. Being raised on the coast there is just something about the sights and smells that take you back home. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and this was my breath of fresh air.

Thanks Nana and Grandad! The boys had a blast too.


Snow Days

It snowed around 6 inches on Sunday night and the boys woke up to a winter wonderland! They were so excited and played in the snow for many hours the first two days.

Mason took the boys to the dam behind our neighborhood and they said it was the best hill to sled down ever. It really was~I went the following day and would not go down the big hill (stayed on the baby hill).

Last night we hung out at our neighbor's house (had a bonfire) and John Lawrence was literally outside from 10:30am until 8:30pm last night with small breaks in between. John Lawrence loves the snow and would not miss out on an opportunity to hang out with friends. He is our social butterfly. He played with all of his neighborhood friends for the last 2 days. Today was day 3 and it was literally too cold to go outside play. Mac hung with JL a lot of the time, but he would come in when he had enough.

Tomorrow is day 4 and school is already called off. Let's see if they go Friday...

Yes we still have our Christmas tree in our driveway and it is January 12th 

So excited to be out in the snow