Stone Mountain Christmas

It wouldn't be Christmas without going to Stone Mountain at Christmas time. It is so fun and really puts us in the spirit. This year was no exception. We always see the Polar Express in 4D, ride the train, roast marshmallows, see the Snow Angel (pictures below) and this year we even played a round of putt putt. Mason and I enjoy it as much as the kids.

Ice Skating at Centennial Park

We went Ice Skating the week before Christmas at Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta. Martha Jane met us there and we had a fabulous time. Mac went around 1 time and then enjoyed skittles and hot chocolate with the girls. John Lawrence and Mason skated the entire time and loved it. Mac was cold at the end and whined for about 1 hour, but we tuned him out and enjoyed the day.

Early Christmas Gift

The boys got an early Christmas gift from Nana & Granddad and Grandma & Grandpa~A Basketball goal! They love it! The boys (and Mason) have used it a lot and it will be a gift that they can enjoy for years.
~Thanks grandparents!!!!!~

Gingerbread House

The boys and I made a Gingerbread Man House last week and it was a lot of fun. The key in my house is a hot glue gun. If you remember from previous years my worst head aches are from building these with icing. It worked like a charm! The boys did a great job and and worked as a team to complete the house. They were so proud. They decorated it all by themselves.


Don't forget about Mr. Rich....

We sent presents to school for JL and Mac's teachers for Christmas. JL loved seeing his teachers open them.
Well, months ago JL was thinking about Christmas and who all we needed to give a present to and Mr. Rich's name came up and I had to ask him who was Mr. Rich and he reminded me it was his bus driver.
He told me that he wanted to get him some tools from the Home Depot. I told him that we were not sure what he already had and maybe a gift card would be better. JL agreed and that was the end of the conversation.
Well, guess whose name came up this week-Mr Rich. We did get him a gift card, it just happened to come from Starbucks instead and unfortunately it is still in JL's backpack (He forgot to give it to him).
I guess Mr. Rich will have a gift to open in January of 2010.

Santa List

John Lawrence's list for Santa:
1. Boomerang
2. Bike Ramp
3. Slip in Slide

His list has changed since the beginning of the month. These were the 3 things he asked for. He thought he could only ask for 2 maybe 3 things to put on his list (sweet boy). Now that the commercials are all over the TV his list has changed and grown. Here is his new list.

Revised List:
1. Boomerang
2. XMen DVD
3. Wii Nerf Gun Game
4. Bike Ramp??? Unsure he tried one at Sam and Hudson's house and it was "scary"
5. Lots of Wii games
6. Nintendo DS
7. Bakugans
8. SNOW and lots of it. This is the most important one and tells me every day~

Mac's List:
1. Wiggles Music Book (We had one that was JL's when he was a baby and Mac loved it and eventually tore it up and has missed it ever since. The book is out of date and rare -I sure hope Santa finds one;)

He now has added two items on his wish list.
1. Wiggles Music Book
2. Tootsie Rolls
3. Lollipops

Mac was so upset afterward when we sent to see Santa. We told him to tell Santa what he wanted and he did and he did not get the Wiggles Book that he asked for. We failed to explain to him you did not get it then, but would get it on Christmas morning. He stills mentions this every other day. He is mad at Santa and likes to make sure that people know about it when he is mad.

The countdown is on~the boys are so excited.


Merry Christmas from our home to yours...

We love Christmas at our house! We love all aspects of it and have enjoyed decorating the house this year. I will show you some of our favorite things in another post.


Going to See Santa

We went to see Santa Claus last Friday night at Bass Pro Shop and I must say it was our best experience yet. I have never had crying kids on Santa's lap, but instead of the mall experience (1 hour wait and $30 later) the kids got to: Talk to Santa, Make a Christmas list, Race Cars on a track, Watch a train, and Crash Monster Trucks. At Bass Pro they also have a huge fish tank, ATVs and boats that you can sit on Raccoon hats that you can wear. We made a night out of it and ended hanging out in Bass Pro for about 2 hours and there was only a 5 minute wait to see Santa. It was awesome and free (pictures and all)!!!!

Mac loved this hat

Now on John Lawrence's wish list

Christmas Tree

We go to the same place every year to get our Christmas tree. This year was just like all the others, I pace back and forth trying to find the perfect tree, while the boys are feeding the goats with Mason and running back and forth through the trees until I decide on the perfect tree.

It really is a beautiful tree and this year the boys got into helping me decorate it. John Lawrence helped from start to finish. At the end I found 4 ornaments on one single branch. It took about 20 minutes to move some of the ornaments around. My OCD kicked in at this time and I decided that I would wait until everyone was in bed and I would take all of the ornaments off the entire tree and start over, but then I came to my senses. I am accepting the fact that it really isn't about having a perfect tree, but that we had fun time. It really was a fun night and one that I will look forward to every year. I love all of our ornaments and each one tells a story. I remember where I got each and every one of them.

Christmas Tree Farm

We always take a picture of on the sled

My favorite ornament (JL made it for me last year)

Old World Bride Set

Ornaments that JL made together 2 weeks ago