Don't forget about Mr. Rich....

We sent presents to school for JL and Mac's teachers for Christmas. JL loved seeing his teachers open them.
Well, months ago JL was thinking about Christmas and who all we needed to give a present to and Mr. Rich's name came up and I had to ask him who was Mr. Rich and he reminded me it was his bus driver.
He told me that he wanted to get him some tools from the Home Depot. I told him that we were not sure what he already had and maybe a gift card would be better. JL agreed and that was the end of the conversation.
Well, guess whose name came up this week-Mr Rich. We did get him a gift card, it just happened to come from Starbucks instead and unfortunately it is still in JL's backpack (He forgot to give it to him).
I guess Mr. Rich will have a gift to open in January of 2010.

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