Going to See Santa

We went to see Santa Claus last Friday night at Bass Pro Shop and I must say it was our best experience yet. I have never had crying kids on Santa's lap, but instead of the mall experience (1 hour wait and $30 later) the kids got to: Talk to Santa, Make a Christmas list, Race Cars on a track, Watch a train, and Crash Monster Trucks. At Bass Pro they also have a huge fish tank, ATVs and boats that you can sit on Raccoon hats that you can wear. We made a night out of it and ended hanging out in Bass Pro for about 2 hours and there was only a 5 minute wait to see Santa. It was awesome and free (pictures and all)!!!!

Mac loved this hat

Now on John Lawrence's wish list


Jan Walker said...

I love love love. And I think he is the REAL Santa. I really believe it!

Mama Rucci said...

That is a good looking Santa. Has anyone else noticed how puffed up Mason's chest was on the carousel? What a proud Daddy.

Bringing Home to the City said...

I want to visit Santa...THAT Santa.