Mac's 12 month Doctor Appointment

I am only 3 months late, but better late than never. I need to post this so I have this for my records.

Mac was 12 1/2 months when he went in for his checkup.

weight: 25 lbs 15 oz 85%
length: 33 in
Head Cir.: 19 91%

He was not walking at his 12 month appointment.

Mac at bedtime

Here is Mac at bedtime with his Duckie and Monkey. He was so tired and ready to go to bed. I could eat him when he's like this: clean, fed, sleepy and ready to cuddle.


We have another Walker in the house

No- I am not pregnant! Mac is finally starting to walk a little bit. This just started in the last few days. He is 13 and 1/2 months old and we are ready for the walking to begin. I would say within the next week or so it will be full force walking instead of crawling. I took some video on my camera and it is acting up so I can't post it yet, but I promise to capture it and figure out how to post it soon.

Snow in Georgia

Here are some pictures of the snow tonight. John Lawrence and Mason had a ball playing in it for over an hour. I am not sure who had more fun. These pictures are when it just started snowing, but I promise there was more snow by the end of the night.

A Stone Mountain Christmas Night

~A Stone Mountain Christmas Night~
We had the best time at Stone Mountain one night in December. I think it was the week before Christmas. We got to go on a train ride, see The Polar Express in 4D (short version), make and eat smores, see a fireworks show, saw the snow angel-who actually delivered snow at the very end of the night and saw many Christmas lights. We had a great night!



Finished Gingerbread Man House

The order is wrong, but here goes. Here is the first Gingerbread man house John Lawrence and I have ever done together and let me tell you how hard and fustrating and messy it was. Next year I will build it after JL is asleep, then the next morning we will decorate it. This was done with Walker and Ellen as well and I will say that theirs was prettier, but ours stayed in one piece.

I had a migraine after this was over. We will see if this is even in our Christmas plans next year. Maybe Mason will want to do this with JL next year.


Christmas in Spartanburg

We got to Spartanburg on the Saturday before Christmas and got to spend the night with the Pangles too so we let the boys exchange gifts and gave joint gifts to Jan and Larry. It was fun to see them opening presents. This year they were really excited.

The next day we went to the Duplers house and Dad, Diane and Gregory were in town and we all exchanged gifts and decorated cookies and had a wonderful meal that Allison cooked for us. The boys were so excited I think they asked if they could open gifts maybe 20 times!

The next day Martha Jane and Jay arrived and John Lawrence was Martha Jane's Shadow. He made her do lots of kid things. I think she almost knows what it feels like to have a kid!!! Mac wanted Larry or Mason the entire time so I got a really nice break!!! This was Christmas Eve day so we relaxed and laid around.

Christmas was so exciting!!! John Lawrence was completely sure he saw Santa's sleigh. After Martha Jane took him out to look the 4th time they finally saw it. I think maybe even heard the bells. We woke up at 7:00am and it was non stop until that night. Santa came and left presents and John Lawrence's favorite was the Spiderman Scooter.

At lunchtime we were off to Grandma Walker's house. The lunch was the best ever! It was like a Thanksgiving Feast-WONDERFUL! Then at dinnertime we were off to Mammy's house. The kids opened presents and had a ball playing together. We had a good time, but must say that we missed Uncle Steve not being there.

We had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoy celebrating it at Larry and Jan's house in Spartanburg. John Lawrence did not want to leave; however, it was just for 2 days because they were going to watch the boys that weekend. We had guests coming in that we had not seen in a year and it was going to be a kid less weekend! Thanks Larry and Jan!!! We had a great weekend.