Mac's 4th Month Doctor Appt

Mac went in for his 4th Month doctor appointment on April 19th. He actually turns 5 months on the 29th, but that was the earliest appt that they had.

Weight 19lbs 4 ozs 95%
Height 27 3/4 inches 97%
Head 17 1/2 inches 88%

He is our big boy!!! And we can start eating fruits and vegetables (already eating cereal).

John Lawrence goes in for his 3 year old appointment on May 2nd. I will keep you posted.



Here are some recent pictures of Mac. He is getting so big and so full of personality. He is a really sweet boy and loves his big brother. John Lawrence can make him smile at all times.

Mac is now eating cereal and sleeping through the night (most nights) these days! Tomorrow he goes for his 4 month doctor appointment; however, he will be 5 months on April 29th. I will post the stats tomorrow.

Eating cereal for the first time on April 18th

Sitting with Mammy at John Lawrence's birthday party

Mommy's helper. He wanted to be held and I needed to do the laundry. I told him he had to sit in the laundry basket and wait and he thought it was very funny!

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? The last time I blogged was a month ago or more. I can't even remember.

Here are some things we did in the last month.

(Rest of) March
-Went to Spartanburg for Mammy's 75th bday (Mason's grandmother).

-Went to Chapin, SC for one of my best friend's (Mary Rose) baby shower. It was an Adult weekend and we had a great time.

-John Lawrence turned 3 years old on March 27th. We had a Putt Putt Golf Party. It was great! The weather was perfect and we had a good turn out. Thanks everyone for coming!

The last week in March was a party! John Lawrence's actually bday was Tuesday and we celebrated by going to Chuck-E- Cheese and he had his Easter party and Egg hunt at Preschool. Thursday, we took cookies into his classroom to celebrate his special day. Then on Friday, playgroup had an Easter party and Egg Hunt.

-Easter weekend: Boys went to Spartanburg and stayed with Pop and GranJan, while Mason and I went away on a much needed weekend trip alone to Asheville. It was nice, relaxing and very cold. It snowed an inch our first night there.

-Easter Day- got back to Spartanburg by 8:00am and spent the day with boys. We went to church and went to Aunt Rita's for lunch and Egg Hunt.

-JL started swimming lessons on April 9th. They are going swimmingly again this year!!!! He loves them and Mason is doing them with him this year. It is 2 times a week for a month.