Washington Farms

Sunday afternoon we headed out to Washington Farms to go the Pumpkin Patch. It is a yearly tradition and Washington Farms is our favorite. There are some many things to do here that we make a day of it. We typically go early in the season and get all of our pumpkins, but this year we had to get pumpkins early and really just play here. We did end up getting 1 more pumpkin just to say we did.

We went enjoyed a hayride, slides, vortex tunnel, corn maze, cow train, jumping pillow, corn crib, pumpkin slingshot, corn cannon, pig races, rope the steer, duck races, peddle carts, tether ball and ate some kettle corn. There was more just too many things to list. Our family loved our time at Washington Farms. It is annual tradition for sure.

Grant Park Halloween Lantern Parade

Saturday afternoon we went down to Aunt Martha Jane and Uncle Ben's house to join them at the Grant Park Halloween Lantern Parade. The boys were excited about dressing up in their Halloween outfits and spending the night at Aunt Martha Jane's house.

We actually got to walk in the parade and be a part of the night. Mason and I loved the parade as much as the kids. Martha Jane and Ben also wore costumes which the boys loved. My boys call Keeva a police dog, so it was fitting that they dressed as police officers.

It was a really fun night and something we want to do again next year. Thanks for having us!


Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins on Friday night and they turned out great! JL had his friend Dylan spend the night, so we let those two work on a pumpkin together. They completed the entire pumpkin all by themselves from start to finish. It turned out really good. Mac and Mason worked on the other pumpkin. Mac chose the bones guy and decided it was the best. JL and Dylan disagreed. It was a toss up. It was a fun night and got us in the Halloween spirit.

**Yes mac is wearing a wife beater t shirt white t shirt  It is his new thing and if you know Mac at all you know this phase will last for a while. He wears it under all his clothes and to sleep in. JL started it because at PE some boys at school take off their main shirt and leave the white t shirt on because it is so hot. JL wears them on PE days and to sleep.  Well Mac wears them too just not at recess. I only let him wear them alone when we are not in pubic, but this time I forgot I would be taking pictures.

Last Fall Lacrosse Game

October 20th was the last game of the fall lacrosse season. JL learned a lot and has decided he wants to play this winter. The winter league is indoors and focuses on passing the ball. It will be completely different than outdoors and should be fun to watch. It will really get him ready for the spring season.

Can I do it too?

Last weekend Walker and Henry spent the weekend with us while Ellen and Eric were out of town. I picked them up on Friday and brought them to the house. The minute my car wheels hit the garage Walker was asking if he could drive the 4 wheeler. Henry got to do it the first time a couple of months ago and he never let Walker forget it. Mason let all the boys have a turn and it was indeed a highlight of the weekend.


Fun Run

The boy's school had their annual Fun Run two weeks ago. It was in the gym this year due to rain. Both boys were supposed to run 25 laps, but both ended up running over 30. The money raised goes back into the school to help fund books, science labs, computer labs and gym equipment. Good job boys!