Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins on Friday night and they turned out great! JL had his friend Dylan spend the night, so we let those two work on a pumpkin together. They completed the entire pumpkin all by themselves from start to finish. It turned out really good. Mac and Mason worked on the other pumpkin. Mac chose the bones guy and decided it was the best. JL and Dylan disagreed. It was a toss up. It was a fun night and got us in the Halloween spirit.

**Yes mac is wearing a wife beater t shirt white t shirt  It is his new thing and if you know Mac at all you know this phase will last for a while. He wears it under all his clothes and to sleep in. JL started it because at PE some boys at school take off their main shirt and leave the white t shirt on because it is so hot. JL wears them on PE days and to sleep.  Well Mac wears them too just not at recess. I only let him wear them alone when we are not in pubic, but this time I forgot I would be taking pictures.

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