Boys-Spring Break

The first week of April the boys were on Spring Break. They along with their cousins went to spend the second half of the week with Gran Jan and Pop. Mason and I went to Edisto Beach during this trip and had an awesome time.

Thanks Gran Jan and Pop for watching the boys. They loved it!  

I just got these pictures from Jan last week and wanted to show you how much fun the boys had at Pop's house.


Field Day 2011

Field Day this year was so much fun! Hot but, so much fun! The favorites were the Sack Race,Tug of War and hanging out with Friends and eating Popsicles. We love JL's school!


Sack race

Tug of War
Their class came in second place out of all the 1st grade classes (8 classes)



Mac's teacher sent this letter home on Tuesday. It made me so proud!

Mac is a Hero
On the playground this morning some children were pushing others on the tire swing. The swing started spinning and the girls on it were scared. One began to cry.

Mac raced up to the swing, grabbed it, and stopped it!

Mac comtinues to show these types of very caring behaviors. I am so proud of him. What a cool kid!

Ms. Debbie 


Mother's Day gift

John Lawrence made me this card/letter for me for Mother's Day along with a candle that he was so proud of. I was so overwhelmed with this letter~ I forgot to take a picture of the candle. This melted my heart.

My Mom
My mom is the best mom you can ever have. My mom works on the computer. She likes the pink dress I gave her. She makes the best sprinkle cookies. She likes to play board games. She let's me sleep in her bed. My mom is very tall. She is very happy and sweet. She is very helpful. I think my mom is the best person in the whole entire world!

Muffins with Mom

The week of Mother's Day I went to Mac's school to celebrate Muffins with Mom. Mac was so proud to give me the gifts he made me. It was a sweet day!


Open for Business

The pool opened last Friday and the Walker's have already been there 5 out of the 7 days. Can you tell we are ready for summer?

Backyard After

The Backyard After~
Here are the after pictures. We are so excited to have it completed! The grass is turning green and my house no longer has red mud (clay) all over the floors.

Backyard During

The Backyard During~
Our landscaper finished our yard in two days. The first day he cut down two trees and clear the huge bed and the second day leveled the yard and put down sod.

Sorry there are so many pictures, but I use this blog as my family record/blog book.

Backyard Before

The Backyard Before~
We had some work done to the backyard about 2 weeks ago. We had two trees removed, our flower bed made smaller and had some sod put down. It was in dire need of a huge face lift. We kind of just let it go over the last 2 years. Our yard had a lots of beds, plants and trees and it is really hard to maintain, so when  the grass started dying in that one area we decided it was time to get to work hire the job out to the professionals.


We went up to Spartanburg on Saturday to spend Easter with Mason's family. I posted pictures of the Egg Hunt and Fishing at Jerry's farm, so here are some after church. I will update this post after I get some pictures from Ellen.


Fred the Dog

In honor of Earth Day, John Lawrence had to make a trash sculpture and write a story about it. Here is Fred the dog.